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Virgin River Season 3: When will It Release on Netflix?[UPDATED]

Netflix has finally updated about the release date of Virgin River Season 3, the show to arrive in July 9th, 2021

Virgin River has created a separate fan base for Netflix in the Romance genre. Since Alexandra Breckenridge debuted in the series, it’s been a long wait for the viewers for the next season. Not a surprise this drama has created a separate fanbase worldwide because of the characters’ raw emotions and realistic approach.

Virgin River Season 3 has been teased for release on the 9th of July, which is a Friday. Netflix has made this official announcement very recently. Therefore, the release date is extremely nearby, and the date is also being advertised by many of the actors, who are playing a role in the show on Instagram.

Virgin River Season 3 Release Date Announced By Netflix

Virgin River Season 3 will be going to release on 9th July 2021. With the jittery ending of season 2, no doubt people who watched the last seasons would be impatiently waiting for the next season. We saw the final episode of Season 2, where there were many surprises for a lot of people who were staying in the tiny little town. The audience of the show has been waiting since then to see whether everything has been resolved and everything is on the right track.

The story of “Virgin River,” based on book series by Robin carr, revolves around the life of a young woman looking for a fresh starting start working as a nurse practitioner in a small town. From the plot twists to the love stories or the gorgeous sceneries, the last two seasons have been a treat to our eyes, living rent-free in our hearts. Alexandria & Martin bring you into the soul of their characters giving justice to the excellent script. By no surprise, “Virgin River” is earning substantial Rotten Tomatoes scores.

The last two seasons being 10 episodes, the new season also consists of 10 episodes. Fans may have a different opinion on the number of seasons. However, no news on a different number for the episodes of this new season as 10 seems to be working fine for Netflix’s original series.

What to Expect from Season 3?

One of the most shocking events from the earlier season was Mel found out that Jack was there in his bar, lying on the floor. There was a wound on his stomach, which was caused due to a gunshot. We have no idea who the killer was. Virgin River Season 3 will definitely shed light on that particular topic, and we are all eagerly waiting for it.

The season 2 finale also focused on the Doc and Hope’s re-engagement. The couple showed terrific progress on their part. However, we saw that their happy times were put to a stop as the Doc told Hope, his fiancé, that he has got hold of some worrying updates about a recent patient.

Sue Tenney, the Virgin River boss, had earlier (in November) shared some details about the future story in the upcoming season. The Doc will be going through a few events. He will be facing several complications that will prove to be quite challenging for him and his commitment to Hope.

The Doc is going to rise up to the challenges he will be facing. But things will no longer be easy for him to practice medicines and go forward in the path. Virgin River Season 3 will show us whether the Doc will be able to do it and continue his life in the town with his clinic. If you want to watch the show’s first two seasons, you can definitely go ahead and watch them on Netflix.

Whatever the writers hold in reserve for Virgin River season 3, followers of the popular series will all admit that the forthcoming 10 episodes will most unquestionably be a must-see.

Virgin River Season 3
Virgin River Season 3 Release Date Announced By Netflix


Recap from the Virgin River Season 2

Last season closed as a cliffhanger for almost every character, Mel and Jack will be back together, and the medical news Doc Mullins was about to give Hope before both were interfered with by a shocking re-engagement party, Preacher confused between staying in Virgin River or catching that new chef position in San.

In an interview with TVline, the showrunner Tenney has mentioned that Jack will be explored throughout season three, with the mystery potentially continuing into future seasons. The next season will not pick up where it left in season 2 in the very beginning, she further said. Season three will not be all about Mel and Jack; other pairs will hopefully get lots of screen time in the Virgin River season 3.

If you think that the cast already has loads of characters, the official announcement of season 3 included Zibby Allen, and Stacey Farber, would be joining the cast. Allen will be playing the role of lawyer sister for Jack. Farber will have a recurring character as Lilly’s daughter “Tara.”

As there is still time left for the Virgin River Season 3 release date so you can enjoy season 2 right now. The show is available on Netflix for streaming. Stay tuned for the latest updates about the new season of Virgin River.


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