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Michael Keaton To Return as Batman In The Flash Movie By Andy Muschietti

Michael Keaton To Return as Batman In The Flash Movie By Andy Muschietti

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

There were a lot of talks about the involvement of Michael Keaton in one of the new superhero movies. And now this fact has been confirmed. The agency which looks after the actor has confirmed that he will reprise the role of Batman in The Flash by Andy Muschietti. Shooting has started for this film with Ezra Miller, as revealed by a post on Instagram. This post also brought out the official logo of the film.

During the previous month, the actor had many fans angry by saying that he might not be involved in The Flash. He had a few concerns of his own regarding the Coronavirus situation and, along with that, a tight timeline.

The actor is very scared of the COVID-19 situation that is currently affecting a lot of lives. Being his greatest worry, he has kept a strict eye on the situations in the UK. He has been living 17 acres outside the city because of the dangerous situation there. His main motive is to stay totally safe and not get affected by the virus. The actor had stated beforehand that he would not be involved in the project if the situations are not proper.

Michael Keaton has confirmed to play the role of Batman in The Flash!!

As we have found out, the actor has officially approved of getting involved in the film. He was seen in Batman by Tim Burton in 19819 as The Caped Crusader. This movie totally changed the way in which people watched superhero movies from that time. The movie went on to become a big commercial hit and gained a lot of success in positive criticisms. Then in 1992, came Batman returns by Tim Burton, where the actor was seen again delivering a strong performance as Batman. The actor quit being a part of the superhero character once Tim Burton also decided to stop directing the movie. Joel Schumacher stepped into the scene next to work in the movies after that.

Michael Keaton
The actor returns in the role of Batman after a very long time!!

There is other exciting news that has come into the open. Benjamin Wallfisch, who has earlier worked in It films with Muschietti, will be the music composer of The Flash. He is also very well known for his composition in The Invisible Man and has currently worked on another massive project- Mortal Kombat film.

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Muschietti will be directing the movie. The Flash is based on the Flashpoint event that happened way back in 2011, in the crossover. The Flash runs back to the point of time which has occurred in the past to prevent the death of his mother at the hands of Reverse-Flash. While doing this, Barry Allen creates an alternative universe, which is being protected by Batman, played by Keaton. The Flash will release on the 4th of November, 2022. We will finally get to see the actor returning in the role of Batman after a long period of time.

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