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Days Gone PC Priced Three Times Higher In India

Days Gone PC Priced Three Times Higher In India

Last Updated on April 19, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Days Gone PC has been announced for release on the 18th of May by Sony. The price in India has also been revealed. The game is available on Steam, and the price that is being shown is three times the price that should have actually been. The price has been set at Rs. 2,999. This differs a lot from Sony’s previous release Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, for just Rs. 1,099. On further research, it has been found out that the price which has been fixed, Rs. 2,999 does not even match with the platform’s guidelines for pricing. The game should have been priced at Rs. 1,099, as said by SteamDB, used for tracking the prices of games on the platform. The same price has also been placed for Epic Games Store.

If we look more deeply, even the price of Rs. 1,099 is very much because the game was available for free for all the PS Plus Subscribers. Currently, it is being sold at Rs. 1,349 on Amazon. Hopefully, Sony takes this issue seriously and changes the price, which might bring some sales for the game.

Days Gone PC has been priced much higher than it should be in India

Recently we have seen games like Hitman 3 by IO Interactive and Bethesda with Deathloop by Microsoft being poorly received. This is because the pricing in certain regions has not been done in a good way. The games have been overpriced. With this new game from Sony, things might happen the same. Although it has got a big fan following in India, such high prices would lead to a lesser number of people buying it.

Days Gone PC release date
Days Gone is priced three times higher in India

Sony over here expects that the popularity of the game and the spreading of the good word of mouth of the game will make them charge the game at a higher price. The game has been price three times higher than what it should actually be. Recently, there was also news about the fact that the second installment of the game has been canceled. Sony is prioritizing over some big hits rather than just creating a diversity of games at the moment. Hence it has stopped the development of the game.

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Sony has been creating some major hit games. The audience is very nicely receiving these games. In 2019 when they came with the open-world action game Days Gone, it proved to be a very successful launch. It then thought of bringing in a sequel of the game very soon. However, this idea was not very highly appreciated by the gamers and faced a lot of criticism. Despite the success of the first installment, the development of the second part was not being received well.

So Sony completely stopped doing further work on it. After Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, this is the PS exclusive that was going to come on PCs. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has said that the company is working on some first-party games exclusively for PCs.