PS5 Digital and Disc Version To Be Available Soon In India

PS5 digital edition release date in india

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

The people interested in purchasing a PS5 might not have to wait for a long time now. If we can trust some of Sony’s official retailers, then restocks are going to come soon. A retailer in Thane, Jai Ganesh Games, has put up a story on Instagram where they have mentioned that the disc version and the digital version of PlayStation 5 will be coming very soon. These Instagram stories stay for 24 hours. However, Sony official has not mentioned anything about such restocks. Jai Ganesh Games also deleted the story just two hours after putting it up. This might mean that they had prematurely announced this matter, and when Sony noticed it, they deleted the story.

If we are talking about the availability of PS5 in India, Sony has already mentioned that the digital version of the console will not be available in India. But if we consider Jain Ganesh Games’ story to be true, both versions will be available. The store then removed the story. So currently, there are no signs that point towards the console’s immediate availability in the upcoming recent times.

Will the PS5 restocks in India be further impacted by the second wave of COVID-19?

Several parts of the country are under lockdown because of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. A few states like Maharashtra have also banned the sale of non-essential products currently. So it seems that the console will not be available soon. There is a lot of time to get your hands on the device.

2021 seems to be very much like 2020 in a few ways or even more dangerous. There are lockdowns happening again, businesses are getting affected, and whatnot. There are many shop owners and retailers who are waiting for the government’s orders to open their shops. Although the lockdowns are on, the importing of goods has not yet been stopped.

PS5 restock india
Instagram story of Jai Ganesh Games

There were a few reports earlier which mentioned that many units of the console have already reached India. But the number is still not known. We can hope that the number of units can be significant, but it is still very uncertain. We can do nothing but wait to know about everything.

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Further details

Microsoft Xbox Series S will be hitting the stores soon, and people will surely be buying them in large numbers, as it will be the only next-gen console available now. It will be very interesting to see how Sony tackles this. They did an excellent job in 2020 when The Last of Us Part 2 had launched. The game was made available adequately throughout the country. If the company gets the required permissions for delivery and distribution, then the same things could happen with PlayStation 5.