iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Might Launch In October 2021

iPhone 13 Might Launch In October 2021

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The new series of iPhones, the iPhone 13, is expected to hit the markets this year’s October. Although Apple has not officially announced anything about the dates, a few sources have given us the news about October. The phone will have an LTPO display which has 6.1 inches in size. There are a few sources which state there will be a dual-camera setup at the back. As we proceed with the article, we will know more about the phone’s specifications, camera, and even the camera bump.

Leaks about the phone keep coming in large numbers, and this time the leaks have brought in renders of the different variants of the phone- iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini. These images show the complete design of the phone with its camera cutouts. It seems that the normal variant and the mini variant will come with two cameras at the back. The Pro Max variant will have three cameras at the back. This is the same as can be seen in the previous series of phones by the company. The Pro Max variant will come with very powerful sensors compared to the previous series and provide us with some amazing pictures.

iPhone 13 render images get leaked!!

iPhone 13
The phone will launch in October!!

The tipster David Kowalski along with Coverpigtou, have shared the rendered images of the Red model of the phone. The phone showcases two camera sensors at the back. They are positioned at a diagonal arrangement from each other. There is no vertical arrangement of the cameras. A few reports have mentioned that the phone will be 6.1 inches in size and will come with an LTPO display screen. The measurements would be 146.64 x 71.5 x 7.56 mm. The price has also been reported from a few leaks. The price will go very high at 700 USD, which is around Rs. 52,100 in India.

The tipster EverythingApplePro has shared a video that has CAD renders of the Pro Max and the Mini models. The Pro Max model will be equipped with three cameras at the rear, which is way stronger than the 12 series cameras. The camera bump on the back is also bigger this time. It has grown bigger by 0.9mm. The notch, however, is relatively small as compared to the previous series. Hence it seems that this series will bring new camera positions on the back, which will be very much exciting.

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A Chinese Tipster website, Weibo, has also shared the renders of the Mini model, which shows the dual camera structure at the back of the phone. The two sensors are placed diagonally with respect to each other. There is a speaker grill on the bottom side of the phone. The port for the Lightning cable is also over there.

Apple has not mentioned or announced anything officially regarding the phone. As per the reports, the phone will launch in October. Now, whatever happens, we will just have to wait for the company for further announcements to be made.

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