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Days Gone PC Priced Three Times Higher In India

Days Gone Will Soon Release On PC- The Date has been fixed to May 18th, 2021

The PlayStation exclusive Days Gone will officially launch on PC in a few days. The particular date which has been fixed is the 18th of May, 2021. The game can be best enjoyed on a 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support with the framerate being unlocked. There will be several other features in the game that will be very impressive.

Sony has not only come up with a date, but the big surprise is the new trailer of the game. This trailer shows a lot of details that the fans had questions about. There is a feature that allows you to use 1st and 3rd party controllers for playing the game. However, if you want o use the conventional mouse and keyboard, that too is possible.

Days Gone will release soon on PC!!

Days Gone
Available for pre-order!!

A lot of customizations have been made on the display part of the game. There has been a notable increase in the extent of detailing, graphical customizations, and foliage draw distances. There is a new mode- Super Resolution, which will let the player capture images of Deacon St. John, and there can be a maximum of 500 Freakers that can be present on the screen at a time.

The game had launched on the PS4 way back in 2019. The game is really fun to play with the storyline, vast world, and an amazing mixture of elements in the gameplay. Once playing the game, we will remember the gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sony had promised all its fans that it would soon bring all its exclusive games on PC. It has proved itself to be true with horizon Zero Dawn. Now with this game, the company’s commitment to its saying will be very highly appreciated.

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There are reports that say the fans have received the step taken by Sony in a very positive way. The sales of the game are also very high. But there are reports which state that Days Gone 2 has been rejected. These reports also tell us that Bend might be working on a new game. No one still knows details about the game, and nothing has been revealed.

The game is now available for pre-order on digital stores like Epic Games Store and Steam, only for 49.99 US Dollars.

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