Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Character Trailer Has Been Released

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Character Trailer Released, The Upcoming CGI Anime Web Series will Arrive on Netflix

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is already in the works, and Netflix has brought out some information about it. The director, release window, music composer, and a trailer revealing the characters have been revealed. The show will actually be a series based on the game franchise, focusing on the characters of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Eiichiro Hasumi will direct the show, and Yugo Kanno will compose it. The fans can watch it on Netflix. A proper release date has not yet been fixed, but it seems that the show might release in July. The character trailer which has come up shows Nick Apostolides playing the role of Leon and Stephanie Panisello playing the role of Claire. They meet at the White House as one of them is investigating a hacking incident, and the other has put her petition to the government to make a welfare building.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness character trailer has come up!!

Hasumi is overjoyed by the opportunity to work on a series whose gaming franchise has such a long history and fans worldwide. Although the anime series will be filled with CG, Hasumi has ensured that the camerawork and the lighting are made tip-top. The work will be done in such a way that it resembles live-action films with a realistic touch. He has some high expectations for this series and hopes that people worldwide enjoy this work.

Yugo Kanno has mentioned that he has used many trial and error procedures while working on the series, and it was very challenging work for him. As this content was supposed to release on Netflix, it had to be composed so that all the viewers worldwide could enjoy watching it. He is very confident about the work that has been done. Although it is an animated series, it never feels as if it is an animated one. The work has been portrayed in a very realistic way.

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Expected Plot of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness
The main characters here are Claire and Leon

In 2006, there were a few unauthorized access to a few secret Presidential files present in the White House network. Leon S. Kennedy, a federal agent, is invited with a group of other agents to the White House to investigate this serious happening. The lights suddenly go out, and the team of federal agents has to face a crowd of monstrous zombies. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield, a staff member from TerraSave, finds a ghostly image made by a teen in the country when she had visited earlier.

This image was actually of a person who was suffering from some viral infection. So she also starts investigating on her own, for which she also has to go to the White House. She finds Leon and shows him the image, and he finds out some connection of that image with the zombies they faced. As both continue to find out the reason and connection behind the image and such happenings, several zombie breakouts happen in many places.

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