Apple announced $200 million fund for climate change
Apple announced $200 million fund for climate change

Apple announced a $200 million restore fund for climate change.

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

A new step toward Nature where Apple makes the latest investment for improvement in climate! The company announced on Thursday that it would invest from a fund of the sum of $200 in forestry in an attempt to reduce carbon. It will also arrange for returns for the investors. The Restore Fund aims to remove 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a year and produce timber by investing in forest properties. 

Apple has earlier expressed their wish of going carbon neutral, thus improving the climate by cutting down emissions. They want to cut down by almost 75 percent from their products, and the rest 25 percent will be taken care of by Restore Fund. The manager companies of the fund who are partners of Apple in this mission include Goldman Sachs and Conservation International, a nonprofit organization. 

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Apple’s stance on this:

A new step toward nature by Apple

Apple’s Vice president on the environment, policies, and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, expressed the companies’ initiative in contributing to the global environment by removing carbon and impacting the future positively. They ensure both monetary returns by inviting more investment in the said venture and cutting down carbon. They are eager that others too share their vision and resource for a better future. 

To decide the preferred areas of investments, Apple is interested in working with houses like Forest Stewardship Council and Verra. The target returns of Apple haven’t been determined yet, but they shall take steps to make this attractive as a business. 

There were some arguments regarding the use of forests as a way of bringing down emissions. The World Economic Forum took the mission of planting a trillion trees. But it was found by researchers that the impacts of its efforts were highly overestimated. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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