Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung All Set To Launch Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Samsung always surprises us with its tech industry in the past decades. Now they are all set for the launch of two brand new laptop models by Samsung, which are Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The images were spotted on the SafetyKorea certification website. But to be precise, NT950XDB and NT950QDB were two model numbers of Samsung laptops that were seen. Earlier, these two were spotted on the Bluetooth SIG certification from where the names were known from us.

Specifications Of Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360:

Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 spotted

The two laptops will have two full-sized keyboards. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 can be rotated 360° as the name suggests, more flexibly than the Book Pro one. As of now, only White and Silver are the two color variants for the laptops. Maybe some other colors might be available in the upcoming days.

As regards the display of the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch will be the two variants. They will likely have an OLED display panel. For the processors, they will be packed with Intel 11th-gen i3/i5/i7 processors, which will addons the speed and focus for these laptops. The RAM type is LPDDR4x, and the storage type: SSD, also quite possible that there would be slots to add extra ram addition. In the connectivity department, the Galaxy Book Pro offers both Wi-Fi and LTE variants, while the Galaxy Book Pro 360 has Wi-Fi only or 5G variants.

Apart from these, The Galaxy Book Pro (15.6-inch variant) might be packed with a dedicated Nvidia MX 450 GPU. Some additional features which might be expected out of the two models are- S-Pen support, Thunderbolt 4 port, Live wallpapers, and Samsung Notes, Smart Switch, SmartThings, Samsung DeX, Second Screen will make this laptops gem for users. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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