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Crusader Kings 3
Same-Sex Marriage Mods to be fixed in next patch update of Crusader Kings 3

Same-Sex Marriage Mods to be fixed in next patch update of Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 will upgrade with the mods of same-sex marriage through an upcoming update. They had blocked the game in the previous month, but now with the update, the game will start again.

The publisher, Paradox Interactive, has reported that the block that they had put up on the matter of same-sex was fully intentional. However, they had no intentions to discourage or oppose same-sex marriage mods in the game. The feature was blocked because same-sex marriage was haphazardly possible before the 1.3 updates came in March. Paradox Interactive was not against this, but the feature led to a few errors before the updates were made.

Crusader Kings 3 will bring back the feature of same-sex marriage mods

When the 1.3 updates had appeared in March, the modders faced an error that came with a message- Illegal Concubinage: <Character> is of similar gender as the other. Once this news reached the publisher, they were asked the cause behind this error message. Paradox Interactive mentioned that this was mainly because of a series of fixes related to the gameplay’s marriage-related behaviors. These led to certain bugged results like marriages happening to the people who were dead.

The publisher mentioned that the fix was intentionally not made to prevent the players from putting in same-sex marriage mods to the game. The main problem is that how some of these features were being implemented at the base of the game made same-sex marriages difficult to blend in without changing many other things in the game. Paradox Interactive and the CK3 team are very conscious about how the facts are represented and showcased in the game. Same-sex marriage has also been put in CK3 once it was launched.

Paradox Interactive has further mentioned that in their update 1.3, they had restricted this feature since they were busy fixing some marriage-related bugs. But now, they are surely making all the necessary changes as same-sex marriage is being supported globally. So this feature will come along with several other improvements in the upcoming 1.3X.

The publisher has expressed their support for same-sex marriage, which will return in the 1.4 updates just after 1.3X( this is not the actual name of the update. Due to many technical risks and errors happening at the moment, the developers could not put in the feature. But they will appear back very soon.

The developers need some more time to undergo many tests on the game so that the bugs do not remain to stay in the game. They are looking forward to putting in various experiences for all the players with support from several mods.

While the feature of same-sex marriage is presently not allowed in the game, the new update 1.3X might make some changes. The changes will prove to be the big ones. They will make the base for the bigger changes, which will be brought in via the 1.4 updates. So it feels that the game has a lot of new experiences and things to offer in the future with several updates.

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