PlayStation 5 India Restock
PlayStation 5 India Restock

PlayStation 5 Update Allows External Storage Expansion

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

It has been a few months since the PlayStation 5 has been launched, and right now, Sony has finally patched the ability to attach external hard drives. This will happen via a security update which is going to arrive tomorrow.

After the update, we will be able to attach hard drives or SSDs to our PS5. This will increase the competition with the consoles from Xbox. The new update will allow us to store and copy the games on the external hard drive or SSD so that the internal SSD there in the consoles can be kept free. Once the internal SSD is kept free, we will see that games are working even faster, and the system works even faster.

Just like the next-gen consoles from Xbox, the PS5 games can be stored on an external drive. But they can only be played when copied to the internal SSD in the console. Sony has also mentioned that the new downloads in the console will require space in the internal SSD. The user cannot download the games directly onto the external drive. We can then copy the game and store it in the external drive once it is downloaded internally. This, however, saves a lot of time as compared to downloading the game again.

PlayStation 5 brings an update to add external storage

If we are looking for expansions in the internal SSD, Sony has mentioned that they are still working on it. Once they are satisfied with the work, they will bring in updates that will make it possible. For now, the users can move the games from the internal storage drives to the external ones.

The update will also make several changes to the PS5’s user interface. The gaming sessions from PS5 can be shared on the PS4, and the feature of remote play will also be possible with Share Play. If the player wants to join a multiplayer session from the PS5 dashboard, irrespective of whether there is anyone else or not, that is also possible.

PlayStation 5
New PS5 update will allow expansion storage externally

There will also be the option of switching on to a non-HDR video while playing a game that has no support of HDR. This setting can be found, and then it can be changed from the HDR section, where we can adjust all the other settings related to HDR. If the user is using a 1080p monitor, they can also select the 120 Hz video gameplay option from the setting menu’s video output.

Sony has added the feature of screen zooming. This feature was already there on the PS4. It allows the user to zoom into the screen as much as they like. This can even prove to be useful at times.

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The PS app will get an update soon. Once it is done, the user will be able to manage the console’s storage and even join the multiplayer sessions using just a smartphone. The blog post from the console’s official page provides even more details. The update will be available from the 14th of April.

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