E3 2021 Will Be An All Virtual Event This Year

E3 2021
E3 2021

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Arijit

The ESA has brought up its plans for a totally new virtual event this June. E3 2021 will be all virtual, as has been announced officially by the Entertainment Software Association via a tease during the previous week. The event will start from the 12th of June and will continue till the 15th of June 2021. The biggest gaming names have also signed themselves up to show their love and support. These include names like Xbox, Nintendo, Capcom, Ubisoft, Konami, Warner Bros., Koch Media, and Take-Two. There are many more companies that will be joining the event soon. The question is whether the biggies like PlayStation and EA will join this event as they have not attended the event for a few years now.

What is different about E3 2021 and When is it?

The new thing about the event is that it will be a completely virtual event without any of the fans’ physicals presence. We have seen in the past years that the event was just limited to just the developers, important members of the gaming industry, and the press. The event has recently been changed so that the public and fans can also attend it. During this year, the organisers are trying to reach a more significant number of people and fans by making the event happen digitally. The developers in ESA have mentioned that the recent news and games will be showcased to fans all over the globe via a virtual method.

E3 2021
The event starts from the 12th of June.

ESA has also mentioned that it will try to set up a deal with the media partners so that everyone can view this event without having to pay anything. If this happens, it will be great for the people who are seriously interested in it. A few reports had stated that ESA would be charging for watching the event, but now it seems that it is no longer the case. Stanley Piere-Louis, the President and CEO of ESA, has mentioned that the event will be very interesting, newsworthy, and significant with the new virtual format.

The event will start from the 12th of June and will carry on till the 15th of June. It will be a totally digital event. Earlier comments from ESA made us feel that there might be some physical presence at the event. Now they have made it fully clear that the event will be online.

A few unanswered questions about the event

Although the event is only three months from now, the announcements made by ESA lacked some small details about the structure and format of the show. We have no idea about the event and how it will proceed or what the daily programs would look and feel like. This summer, the event by ESA will not be the only event; Geoff Keighley is also coming up with Summer Game Fest in the same month.

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What about E3 2022?

Although it is just the beginning of 2021 now, ESA plans to hold the 2022 event in person. Apart from this, nothing else has been mentioned by the organisation till now. We will have to wait to know further about it.