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Qualcomm Might Import Its Chips From TSMC

A very famous web leaker has revealed that Qualcomm has now made the decision to bring in a large number of 5 nm and 6 nm node chips from the famous Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). Samsung Electronics was the biggest rival of this company from Taiwan and was the only supplier of the chips for Qualcomm. But TSMC has now got the opportunity to mass-produce the latest and the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC.

However, it is just a piece of leaked news; there has been no official announcement about such things from the company. So we should take all this news with a pinch of salt. We are not sure whether there is any deal being made, and even if it is made, whether it will turn out to be successful or not.

Will Qualcomm import chips from TSMC for building their most powerful processor?

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is working at its full working capacity. Apple is already in terms with the company for making its 5nm chip nodes. So the company is working at full force for making the chips.

So it will be difficult for Qualcomm to get their hands on the 5nm chips from the company in the upcoming recent times. However, suppose the company really has some plans of taking chips from the Taiwanese company. In that case, they will need it for the Snapdragon 888 SoC or for some new upcoming powerful processors we might get to see in the upcoming days.

TSMC to produce new Snapdragon chips

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A few sources have informed that maybe the company is in talks with TSMC and will take the chips. The reason behind it is that the world is facing a shortage of chips; hence the company wants to keep the chips in hand so that they do not have any problem in manufacturing the processors. The company’s latest and the most powerful processor, Snapdragon 888, is currently being used in all the flagship beast smartphones and is in huge demand. In order to never run short of supply, the company should make a deal with TSMC and keep the chips in surplus.

The company has addressed the issue of the shortage of chips and has informed its customers that the deliveries could take as long as thirty weeks. It will be very interesting to find out how the TSMC built 888 chips function compared to Samsung’s chips. However, if the company makes a deal with TSMC, then it will be a piece of bad news for Samsung.

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