The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5: Where to Watch Online?
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5: Where to Watch Online?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5: Where to Watch Online?

The Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 5, a Marvel Comics-based tv series made by Malcolm Spellman, will soon stream on Disney+. The release date of episode 5 is around the corner, and fans are all fascinating to see what is going to feature in the next episode; it gives way to the troubled social situation after the blip. Sam stopped Karli and Fire Smashers without much violence. But shortly, Sam and Bucky were shaken by some brutal incidents. We will see what shall become of Sam and Bucky and what should be expected from episode 5. 

Release Date and Streaming Details Of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5

The fifth episode of The Falcon and Winter Soldier is set to premiere on Disney Plus, on 16th April 2021, at 3 am ET. The episodes will be of 45-55 minutes duration and will release on every Friday. 

It can be watched on the mobile app of Disney Plus or the website. It is also exclusive on the House of Mouse streaming service and won’t be streamed on any other platform.  

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What happened in Episode 4?

The Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 5
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The fourth episode, ‘The Whole World is Watching,’ shortly showed some previous events: about Bucky’s time in Wakanda and how Ayo assisted him to escape from the brainwashing. Bucky was given eight hours to hand over Zemo at Latvia. There’s a discussion between Zemo and Sam regarding ideals of supremacy and about Karli’s nature as a supremacist, whether he is any different. She is believed to be so by Sam. There’s a firing on the GRC facility by FireSmashers; the news of it spread like wildfire. 

Donya Madani was a motherlike person to Karli, and her funeral was wished to be attended by Sam, Bucky, Zemo. However, no one communicates with them since they are outsiders. Zemo gets to know the funeral place by enticing a girl with candy and decides to talk to Karli there since Donya was close to Karli. 

 Sam and Bucky are caught up by John Walker, or Captain America and his assistant Battlestar, who want them to hand over Zemo. They say Zemo is the only one knowing the whereabouts of Donya’s funeral from where they can find Karli. After thinking over the possible course of action, they decide that Sam will reason her. 

Walker handcuffed Zemo, and Sam was given a time of ten minutes to convince Karli to make her surrender. Sam talked to Karli, saying he believes she is improving the world. When he was trying to break through, Walker impatiently barged in. He was prevented from exercising muscle force by Sam, but it resulted in chaos, due to which Zemo and Karli flee. Zemo accidentally shoots Karli, due to which she dropped the vials of Super Soldier Serum. All the vials were demolished by Zemo except one, just when Walker drove him. The Flag Smashers rescued Karli and Walker got one vial to put in his pocket. 

There’s a fight between Walker and Hoskins and Dora Milaje over the custody of Zemo. He once again took advantage of the confusion and escaped. Dora defeats Walker and Hoskins; Walker regrets his defeat and tries taking the serum.

Sam and Bucky meet Karli after Sam was called for a meeting with her alone. But it is found that Karli can’t be convinced. Sam gets to know from Sharon that Walker knows the Fire Smashers’ hiding place where Sam, Bucky, and Karli go. Walker was standing to tackle with Flag Smashers, and Sam understands the serum was consumed by him. One Flag smasher killed Hoskins, and his associates fled. So Walker angrily chases down a Flag-Smasher and brutally smashed him with a shield in open daylight.

What can be expected from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5?

In the fifth episode, we can see the world reacting to Walker’s brutality. It will be seen whether Walker can still be Captain America and how he defends himself. Sam and Bucky can be given the responsibility to deal with the situation. On the other hand, Zemo is waiting to take advantage out of all this. The Power Broker might be introduced in this episode as there are just two episodes left. John Walker is a formidable force to reckon with due to the serum and without Steve Rogers’s ideals. So whatever happens, there will be challenges everywhere for The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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