The Crime of the Century
The Crime of the Century Trailer Out: When Will It Release?

The Crime of the Century Trailer Out: When Will It Release?

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Gibney has always been bold and fearless, revealing the unsaid truths. About this new documentary, HBO describes this documentary as an intense charge of Big Pharma companies, political agents, and the government let these synthetic opiates regulated freely over the country. In this article, you will get to know all the details regarding The Crime of the Century Release Date and Other Details.

The Crime of the Century: Release Date

Recently, HBO has announced the expected release of the documentary by May 10, while the teaser is already on air. The two-part of the documentary ‘The Crime of the Century’ will be available for HBO and Hotstar subscribers. This documentary is for the viewers looking for dark facts behind the system and how these large Organizations can play with the lives of the innocent for money. Both part 1 and part 2 will be available by May 10.

The Crime of the Century Teaser Details

In the teaser, the very first statements from Alec Burlakoff (Former VP Sales for an Opioid manufacturer) “You can make a lot of money getting doctors to prescribe a medication to people who don’t need it,” referring to pills, cash, and bodybags. Asking the doctor if he is in or out, Alec wants him to prescribe heavy doses of the Opioid to patients.

The Crime of the Century
The Crime of the Century Trailer Out: When Will It Release?

Produced in collaboration with Washington Post, The Crime of the Century will bring to light rare interviews of whistleblowers, insiders, and victims along with some recently exposed documents and behind-the-scenes videos, Says HBO. Gibney and the team display how drug companies make money by creating a fake pandemic.

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What to Expect?

Gary Blinn, a patient said, the pharma representative suggested taking as much OxyCotin as he wanted. ” It would take 15 minutes just to eat ’em all,” Blinn said about his regular use of OxyContin. He compares the drug with a bowl of cheerios.

One more from Gibney after making hard-hitting, controversial documentaries. The Crime of the Century will unravel the dark side of pharmaceutical companies. Gibney already holds oscar and Emmy for his documentaries.

Scientology, torture, Enron, and many others. Opioid Crisis will be another addition to Gibney’s portfolio as a Perfect documentary make. “The Crime of the Century” is expected to reveal the origin, rise, and consequent lapse of the modern fatal drug out there. Don’t miss the trailer for The Crime of the Century below.

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