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Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained: Where to Read the Manga Online?

Over a decade now, AOT is the most popular manga. Also, it gained popularity when it was released in the form of anime in the year 2013. After a total of 11 years and 7 months, but it is quite relaxing news for the Attack on Titan fans which reached its conclusion now.

The final chapter 139 of Haime Isayama’s manga series comes to an end. Its final chapter was released on April 9. For people who are a huge fan of AOT but not getting sufficient time to read the chapter, here are the details about Attack on Titan Chapter 139, Ending deeply explained.

With the final chapter of Attack on Titan releasing around the world, it was historic for the manga fans. Well, the release date was first officially confirmed was 9th April, but it was released one day earlier unexpectedly.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained

The title of the final chapter was’ Yeager.’ Finally, the wait of 11 years ended here with the conclusion of AOT. It started with a conversation between Armin and Eren discussing why things come to this part.

Eren clarifies on his part that the decisions he took were essential to save the world, but he himself took all the guilt on his side, but this made Armin shout at him because of all this Mikasa was in this condition.

Eren was guilty about all this and what happened between Eren and Armin also., but he explained on his side and then assured him that he would protect Mikasa even after his death.

After the goodbye session of Eren and Armin, Armin actually thanked Eren for being the worst guy so no one else would have to.

After he was in his senses, he found Mikasa crying, holding Eren’s beheaded head. He then explains from his side that Titan returned to normal people after their quarrel.

Then captain Levi found that Hange and Erwin coming out of hot steam while Sasha was finding Jean and Connie.

We found that the war was not ended fully as after Eren’s death, Titans disappeared though they have gone for something fruitful the war between Eldia is still on fire.

Well, in the end, everyone left Eldia, but here Historia still tried her best to fight and win at the end. Then the final chapter ended with Mikasa sitting beside a tree pecking by birds.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained
Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Ending: Fans Reaction

After going through the fan’s reactions, it was found that fans were disappointed about how the manga has ended. Actually, it was a mixed reaction of fans online; how the series wrapped up was not up to the mark.

However, there are always critics for every show; maybe it is possible that it would have satisfied a lot of people too with its concluding part. So, it was a mixed response as there are people who highly appreciated the series, and there are people who criticized the evening as it was not up to the mark as they have expected in their fantasy world.

There are people who are thanking the makers of the show for making such a tremendous manga show and satisfied a lot with its ending. But there are people who are not at all like how Erens part wrapped up.

Well, according to AOT fans, they know Haime Isayama’s stories are totally unpredictable. What happened to Eren was totally pre-planned as he has the power to see and predict what will happen in the future and past.

He also has some powers in which he can transform and change anyone’s memory and make him think according to his will.


There was a scene where Eren and Mikasa found themselves living happily together. But here, some people are also guessing that Eren is the biological father of Historia’s baby. But as we saw in the concluding chapter that Levi, Mikasa, and Falco stay together.

Where to Read the final chapter of Manga Online?

Attack on Titan’s final chapter is available on Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, and Viz Media. The anime adaptation of the manga will be going to release soon as the final season, part 1 of Attack On Titan, has concluded, and now part 2 is expected to air in 2022.

Well, Attack on Titan is popular because of so many reasons, and they are international demand, storyline, and plotting of characters and how they have built every character.

The animation and the way they have developed media. So these are the factors responsible for this manga series gain in huge success from a decade.

You may disagree with our factors stating the success of Attack on Titan, But our point is that these are the core factors responsible for Attack On Titan earning tremendous success.

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