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Apple To Launch Its New Silicon Products Soon

Last Updated on April 7, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

There came a few reports during the past few days that the Apple iMac Pro was no longer in sale. Current reports bring forward another exciting news; the iMac sales page had two different storage options, but now it seems even they have been removed. A few sources have reported that the 21.5 inch iMac, which comes with a 4K display, was available with just two storage options- either a 256 GB SSD or a Fusion Drive of 1 TB.

If we look at earlier times, then there were other storage options available like the 512 GB SSD and the 1 TB SSD. Presently, they are o longer available. The Cupertino giant will be having an event for Apple in the month of April. Many people are of the opinion that new devices from the company’s silicon will be brought into the limelight. Announcements about the new M1X or the M2 ARM-based processors can also be expected during the events.

Is Apple going to launch new products on its silicon?

Apple  iMac Pro
Apple iMac Pro discontinued

Max Tech, a YouTube channel, stated that we might get to see a new iMac on Apple’s show, which will be held in April. Other M1X devices will also be launching by the end of 2021. Other reports state that the manufacturing of MacBook Pro 14 and the MacBook Pro 16 have been facing some sort of production delays.

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Linus Sebastian, the famous YouTuber, has been bringing out why the world is currently seeing a lot of shortages in chips. There is now a very increasing demand from the regular customers, which is mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Apple had released its Apple Silicon last year in November, for which it received a lot of appreciation. The company was able to produce the M1 chip and other such devices during times when the coronavirus was spreading and affecting people dangerously. The company has been able to deliver its products to its customers at a steady pace.

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