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Dying Light 2 to be Four Times Larger than Prequel

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Recently in an interview, Techland has brought in open the fact that Dying Light 2 game’s world will be larger than its previous part by four times. Techland is the studio that had made Dying Light and is now working on the sequel. The studio has brought out a few details of the game’s world, and to be very honest, it is going to be huge. Precisely it will be four times the original size that was there earlier. This has been made possible due to tools like World Streaming and CityBuilder.

The first part of the game has seen a great amount of success amongst the players, so it was not surprising when the studio announced a sequel to the game. The sequel was announced in E3 of 2018. The plot of the new game has been set to a time period that is fifteen years from when the first part took place. The sequel shows the Dark Ages’ modern format, focusing more on the choices that the players make in the game. The player uses a high level of parkour equipped with melee and long-range weapons to live through a zombie apocalypse.

Dying Light 2 promises to be bigger and better

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 Still (via Techland)

The game’s development is not proceeding in a smooth way, mainly because of the fact that the narrative director Chris Avellone was fired. He had some serious allegations of sexual misconduct on him. After this, Pawel Selinger, the writer, and art director had also departed very unexpectedly. On top of these were further allegations of mismanagement in many places, and then came the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence the updates and work on the game became very slow and came to a stop.

The release date was delayed for an indefinite amount of time. This gave the developers of the game more time to work on it and make it even better. However, the fans kept on getting frustrated as the game went on, getting more and more delayed. Techland later had revealed that the game would surely launch in 2021. There is no fixed release date as of now, but in an interview in WFCCTech, four of the developers have mentioned that the work on the game is going at full speed. The game is also being made a lot bigger than its previous part, and hence the developers are taking more time to make it perfect.

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The huge size of the game is possible to make with the use of a bespoke architectural engine named CityBuilder. This engine has the ability to fill up the vast spaces with buildings and other things from the urban world. Another feature that has been put to use is the World Streaming technology; this allows players to travel across the gaming world with very quick loading times. The C-Engine feature has also been used, which helps the game to support a massive-sized and detailed world.

We all want a game that has a large map. There are many background calculations that the developers must keep in mind to get this—the bigger the map, the more diversity is required in the content. So all these are taking time as the developers want the game to run perfectly. The game has not revealed a release date yet, but it will surely release in 2021.