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Redo of Healer Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date and All You Need to Know

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The anime series Redo of Healer season 2 or ‘Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi’ is inspired by a light novel series in Japanese written by Rui Tsukiyo. The illustrator is Shiokonbu.

It is known in Japan as Kaiyari for short. It belongs to the adult fantasy genre. It has become quite popular and noticed because o the portrayal of sexual slavery, violence.  

The protagonist is a healing hero, Keyaru, known as the Hero of Recovery by the moniker.

He was assaulted, abused, and violated by other heroes, and so he seeks vengeance. But his broken and damaged physical condition doesn’t let him fulfill his desire. 

He earned a Philosopher’s stone by killing a demon lord and taking its help, and he goes back in time when he was healthy and strong.

This helps him to satisfy his aim of revenge on the ones who harmed him.

Despite its sensitive content, the anime has gathered a positive response, and the airing of the first season has just ended. Let’s see what we have about season 2. 

Redo of Healer Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

Redo of Healer Season 2 Updates
Redo of Healer (Credit HIDIVE)

The first season was premiered on 13th January 2021 and ended on 31st March 2021.

It consisted of 12 episodes. The anime is produced by Studio TNK. 

The main director is Takuya Asaoka, and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, the main scriptwriter. 

The anime’s controversial topic caused three versions to be aired, a normal broadcast version that is censored, an exclusive “Redo” version, and an uncensored “Complete Recovery” one.

Normally the broadcast version was aired on the majority of networks. The raw edition was shown at a 4 a.m. timeslot on AT-X. 

There hasn’t been any official news about a second season.

Tsukiyo, who actively interacts on Twitter, said that the second season would only be possible if Blu-ray and DVDs sold well when there was a demand for the second season.

Later, he urged that for future developments on the anime, the fans need to increase the original novel’s sales.

He was quite surprised when it was said that more female viewers of the anime; however, he said about the second season being considered further support from the fans. 

‘UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie’ and ‘High School DxD.’ were some of the creations of the TNK house, and they can definitely create more seasons of the Redo of Healer anime.

Considering that the original novels’ sales (only 3 out of the 9 had been adapted till now) and Blu-ray go up, the second season might come out sometime in 2023. 

Till then, you can watch Redo of Healer Season 1.

What Can We Expect from Season 2? 

We find that in the final of season 1, Hawkeye was finished by Keyarga.

Norm’s memories were manipulated by him so that she believes her to be Ellen, his loving younger sister.

He offers flowers at Karman’s flowers, promising to see the world for his only friend.

Keyarga states to Anna that he has got revenge for her while offering a prayer.

The group is joined by Kureha, leaving Branica.

They hoped to make the Divine Bird Caladrius captive for defeating the Demon Lord to get hold of the Philosopher’s stone. Bullet the cannon hero is sent behind them by the King of Jioral Kingdom. 

So in the second season, we can expect the group to go to the secret village of Kokuyoku Tribe to meet Divine Bird Caladrius.

It will be tamed by Keyarga to reach the Demon Lord. Also, he can take revenge on the last of his assaulters, Bullet.

He can start a romance with Eve. There might be new characters getting introduced, like Hawkeye’s daughter and Carol.  Stay tuned for more!!


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