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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2: Did it fixed all the problems?

The 1.2 Patch update for Cyberpunk 2077 is here, but the issues and problems continue to remain just like before. Although this patch has fixed many typos, bugs, and a lot of issues, the game is far from how the players want it to function. The players have reported the problems that still remain in the game. These problems range from strange NPC behavior to Physical glitches in places. All these show that the developers will have to put in an enormous amount of work for the game to function properly.

The game was promised to create a revolution in the world of RPG open-world games, but the final product that the fans received is far from the promises the developers made with the game. The game performed terribly on the consoles- Xbox and PlayStation 4. There were a lot of crashes, glitches, and other problems in the game. All these even led to removing the game from the PlayStation store after a week it got released. Currently, it’s been 100 days since Cyberpunk 2077 was removed from the PS store.

Issues after Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Update

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 does not fix completely (via CD Projekt Red)

The patch update has fixed over 500 problems in the game. A few significant issues like response time and police spawns have been looked after, performance, bugs, typos, and a few other issues have also been looked after. Even after all this work, the players report several other bugs and performance problems that have not been fixed in this patch.

It seemed like this particular update had fixed the Night City’s problems with the well-documented police, but now it appears that they are still behaving strangely. They do not spawn on top of the player now when they commit a crime, so they don’t seem to be doing a good job now. Sometimes it has been noticed that these policemen will vanish into mid-air, and during such times crimes can be committed without their fear.

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Another issue that has been creating a lot of fuss is vehicle physics. There has been a video that has been viral on social media where we can see that the vehicles need a lot more work. Players own their vehicles, and they can call them anytime at a particular location. Some players own multiple vehicles, and on calling multiple of them, they all spawn in the same location. Hence, the cars start exploding within one another.

The explosion leads to debris and particle effects that take a lot of time to render and leads to a downgrade in its performance. Now this problem might not look like a big one, but it still is an issue that the players would want to be rectified. A few other issues related to cars are- players can jump out of the cars at full speed without taking any damage, driverless cars stop as soon as the driver jumps out of the vehicle, and the cars can get stuck inside other vehicles or objects. These things are practically never possible.

Performance is one of the most important factors in a game, and when there is a lack of performance, there are dislikes. Although the update has done some work on the game, it is not sufficient. The game is not able to maintain an average of 30 FPS on the consoles, especially on the Xbox One. Players have also reported coming across NPCs T-posing, textures not loading properly, amongst other issues. CD Projekt Red still has a long path ahead to bring the game to its best form. This update was a big update towards the proper direction, but there need to be several such updates to show the game’s true potential.

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