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PUBG Lite Is About To Shut Down Soon, Reveals PUBG Lite Developers

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PUBG Lite, the version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which was for the low-end phones, is finally about to see closed doors. The game developers mentioned that they would stop providing any support for the game by the end of this week, and by the 29th of April, the service will totally end, so will the game. Player support will end after a few days, but the shutdown process has already started with the PUBG Lite website getting shut.

This version was announced back in 2019. It was mainly for the people who wanted to have the Battle Royale experience but did not have a high-end device to play the game. This version could efficiently run on low-end phones and PCs with Intel HD 4000 GPU inbuilt graphics and Core i3 processors. These things made this a viable option among such people. The quality and gameplay which this game provided were totally intact.

PUBG Lite is about to shut down soon

PUBG Lite Soon to Shut Down (via Tencent)

On the official website of PUBG Lite, the developers had mentioned the reason why they are shutting down the game. They had also presented their schedule for shutdown and a parting note for all the people who were into the game. They shared their thankfulness for all the support they had received from the people, even during the long pandemic period. They hope they have given all the players a time packed with some good action and entertainment.

Player support will come to an end on the 29th of May. However, the game will shut down on the 29th of April. Right now, the players will be able to enjoy the game without any interruption or disturbance. This means they can spend in-game credits and the L-COIN that a few players might have bought till the service is terminated.

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If we look at the future, then the base PUBG game is still there to enjoy on PC and consoles. PUBG Mobile is also there, which can be played on mobiles. Krafton is developing PUBG New State for a new experience of playing for all the players who are interested in the game.

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