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Microsoft Announced $21.88 Billion Contract to Develop Augmented Reality Headset for US Army

Microsoft has announced a $21.9 billion deal with the U.S. Army for the next ten years to develop an Augmented reality headset. The headset will be based on its HoloLens product which the Azure cloud computer services will back. Microsoft spokesman told Reuters about the contract. Over the last few years, Microsoft has worked with the army to develop an Integrated Augmentation System or IVAS. And now it seems the army has moved to the production phase of the project.

Alex Kipman, Microsoft Technical Fellow for A.I. and Mixed Reality in the Cloud and A.I. Group, said the headset would be designed so that it will be able to deliver an enhanced solution awareness. It will enable decision-making and information sharing easy in various scenarios.

The Augmented reality headsets will be designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Microsoft President Brad Smith also said about this new venture he tweeted

“For two centuries, technology has been changing the nature of what is needed to defend a nation. We are longtime supporters of the
@DeptofDefense and @USArmy’s effort to modernize the U.S. Military through advanced technology. here is the tweet”

Microsoft is also looking forward to winning the 10 billion dollar JEDI cloud computing contract with the Pentagon, but the contract is in dispute because of the lawsuit filed by Amazon. For more updates stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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