PlayStation 5 India Restocks
The next date of restocks has been fixed as the 27th of May.

Sony PlayStation 5 Restocks for India Might Arrive In April 2021 First Week

Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Sony has not yet confirmed a date when the PlayStation 5 Restocks will come to India, but one retailer has brought in some exciting news. Prepaidgamecard, a store in Bengaluru, has brought this information that the console restocks will come in April. This is not the first time that a store has mentioned a time for the restocks. Croma and Sony Centers had also informed earlier that the restocks will arrive in the month of March. Prepaidgamer has only given information about the PS5 and not anything related to the Xbox Series X.

Not just this, it has been reported that several Sony Centers are getting ready for the console’s restocks during the first week of April. In Goa and Bhopal, a few of the Sony Centers have started accepting cash from the customers who want to pre-book Sony’s latest next-gen console. These centers mentioned the date of the supplies to come to be during the second week of April.

An online retailer has tipped the time for the Sony PlayStation 5 Restocks!!

Sony PlayStation 5 Restocks
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Apart from these few mentioned cities, there are also a few others where the centers have said the same thing. But judging Sony’s track record in the recent past, all the excited people and gamers should take this information with a handful of salt. People should keep in mind that Sony has not officially yet announced any particular date, so whatever is being mentioned by a retailer might turn out to be false.

It might be the case that Sony is not focusing on the console’s availability in India. Prasenjit Bose, the boss of PlayStation India, mentioned that 2020 was the best year for PS4 in the country in an industry panel during the Indian Gaming Conference and Show 2021. It is the seventh year for PS4, so gradually, the sellers were not expecting much, but the results turned out to be very different and amazing. 2020 has been the best year in terms of sales of the console in the country.

It has also been noticed that Indian gamers will look for a gaming console that is not very expensive and will also have some very good gaming titles to play. The games available are almost all the AAA titled games like FIFA, GTA, and many others. The Indian gamers are very much excited about playing international gaming titles, but the price should be a bit pocket-friendly.

The exclusive items for the latest next-gen console will cost somewhere close to Rs. 5,000. This price is 1,000 more than the third-party gaming titles that can be played on the console. So the games also become very expensive on the launch date and hence people don’t end up buying them. PS4 stocks have been increased, and its price has also been raised.

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