Who Killed Sara Season 2: Will There Be Another Season? 
Who Killed Sara Season 2: Will There Be Another Season? 

Who Killed Sara Season 2: Will There Be Another Season? 

Last Updated on August 18, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, the award-winning telenovela writer, wrote the Mexican murder mystery drama Who Killed Sara? Today will let you know if there is any chance that ‘Who Killed Sara Season 2’ will return on the big screen or not?

The show’s protagonist is Alex Gusman, played by Manolo Cardona, of ‘Narcos’ fame, whose aim is to seek revenge from the Lazcano family because he was framed as his sister’s murderer by them.

The show gives rise to total mystery because finding out the murderer of his sister seems tougher than it was thought. This was an all-in-one family drama, with a murder mystery and also a revenge thriller show. The first time a Chilean writer created a show, which premiered on Netflix in March 2021. Let’s see what’s more we have in store!!

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Cast Details

Mexican actor Ximena Lamadrid plays the role of Sara, whose name we find in the title. Her brother’s role Alex, is played by Manolo Cardona. Ginés García Millán plays Don Cesar, his wife Mariana is played by Claudia Ramirez, Jose Maria played by Eugenio Siller, the elder son,  Rodolfo’s role is played by Alejandro Nones.

The daughter, Elise’s role, is played by Carolina Miranda, so that is all that makes up the Lazcano family. Hector Jimenez plays the role of Elroy, a trusted family helper who knows some dark secrets. 

Most probably, all the cast will reprise their roles, and even if their role gets over in the story, it might resurface as a part of a flashback. The only exception will be Hector Jimenez, who was perhaps killed or died in the hospital; in his place, young Elroy’s role will be portrayed by Marco Zapata.

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Who Killed Sara Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

The first season was premiered with all 10 episodes on 14th March 2021. Each of the episodes was of 35-40 minutes duration. It is very rare that a small screen production in Latin has been available on Netflix for all 190 countries. 

As far as the release of the second season is concerned, no news either from the production house of Who Killed Sara? or Netflix had been announced yet.

But because the end of the first season happened by showing teaser scenes from the second season, we can be pretty sure of that coming in the future days; possibly the production has also been almost complete.

Maybe Netflix will give the nod for the second season, and we can expect it to see in early 2022. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer of Who Killed Sara Season 1

Who Killed Sara Season 1 Cliffhanger and What to Expect from Season 2? 

The ending of the first season turned the mystery into an altogether different level. It showed Sara’s psychological instabilities, so it also became a psychological thriller, apart from the emphasis on murder and mystery. In the end, Sara knew of Don Cedar’s murderous ways, and so he was upset but not defeated. 

Mariana’s intentions are also confirmed dangerous as she tries to harm Sara’s life, and to hide the secret, she kills Elroy. The relationship between the brothers Jose and Rodolfo becomes strenuous due to the chaotic situation of the family.

On the other side, it is revealed it was Sara’s childhood friend, Marifer, who helped Alex mysteriously. The most shocking thing in the show is Sara’s second diary reveals her suicidal behavior and disturbed mental condition. It leads Alex to the backyard, where there’s a corpse buried. 

So there are many unanswered questions that need to be addressed in the second season, including a totally unexplored side of Sara. Alex needs to change his approach to finding out the murderer and might be assisted by Elise, Don Cedar’s daughter, and by Jose’s partner Lorenzo, with whom Alex was found talking in the post-credits. 

The show creator Valenzuela expressed the opinion that a story should have an arc to last at least 3 seasons. So it is expected that Who Killed Sara? might extend to two more seasons. Till then, we need to wait for all the answers to our queries eagerly.  Watch out for more!!

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