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Mark Zuckerberg States AI Technology Plays A Big Role in Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the posts on Facebook that the nuances of the posted matters matter while moderating them. Facebook is also dependent on automation- around 95% of the posts that have any kind of hate or inappropriate content in them are immediately taken down. There was a misinformation hearing this Thursday where the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter were all present.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg clearly mentioned that a few counter-speeches have nuances, which makes it a little challenging to manage the online content. If we are dependent on machines to manage all the posts, then a few posts might get lost. He stated this when Doris Matsui, a Democratic Congresswoman of California, asked the CEO about a few of the hashtags that are anti-Asian. These hashtags were mainly used after the pandemic scenario came, and people blamed Asians on social media. Users have the ability to use these hashtags while making counterarguments against the posts with hate.

Mark Zuckerberg states Facebook at times depends on AI to do the necessary job.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Jack Dorsey highlighted a nuance that we can see while enforcing hate speech policies, but they need to have more clarity in them. There must be a difference between the fact when someone is saying something hateful versus the time when someone is denouncing something. This will help the company to depend less on AI while blocking these phrases or particular words.

More than 95% of the inappropriate content which Facebook takes down is done via AI and not by any human being. The artificial intelligence technology that they use is very advanced and, most of the time works very accurately. AI also takes down even 98% or 99% of the terrorist content on Facebook.

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Thursday’s hearing was totally on misinformation and how the content that comes up on Facebook is moderated. It also discussed the role that Google, Twitter, and Facebook play in stopping widespread false rumors online. A few topics where there was a lot of misinformation were- the 2020 Presidential Elections, COVID-19 situation, and the US Capitol Siege on the 6th of January were the main highlights.

The hearing went on for three hours and touched different kinds of topics. Issues related to the industry and regulation of technology have become politicized. The lawmakers from either side brushed almost the same points while grilling the CEOs of the three companies. The CEOs also faced questions from Republicans regarding conservative discrimination over social media. They were also grilled due to the lack of actions or steps that were taken by them to fight against and stop any kind of misinformation. 

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