Paradise PD Season 4: Will There be a Fourth Season?
Paradise PD Season 4: Will There be a Fourth Season?

Paradise PD Season 4: Will There be a Fourth Season?

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

There is much possibility of getting the Paradise PD Season 4, the show created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin and belongs to the dark comedy genre. It got released first on 31st August 2018. It is an animated sitcom show about a team of enabling police officers who are in charge of a highly criminally active small town. They start to control crimes in the city in a very comical and with a different approach when Chief Randall Crowford’s son joins them. 

The show got an average response since there’s a lack of emotional attachments but was critically acclaimed for satirizing pop culture with a dark sense of humor. It has a fairly large fanbase despite the medium ratings, and the fans wonder whether there will be a 4th season! Let’s find out!

Paradise PD Season 4: Release Date and Cast Details 

The third season consisted of 12 episodes running for about 23-30 mins. It was released on 12th March 2021 fully. As for the fourth season, there hasn’t been any official news revealed. Since the third season has concluded, fans are guessing that there is a high chance of getting a fourth season. The third one was renewed after 2 months since the previous season, so it seems this time also the update will come a little later. 

Netflix released the third season just a year after the second season, without delays despite the pandemic challenges. So the upcoming season likely won’t get delayed in production works. It looks like it’ll get released sometime in 2022.

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Trailer of Paradise PD Season 3: You can enjoy the show on Netflix

The cast consists of Canadian model and actress Sarah Chalke, who voices Gina Janowski’s character; the artist is well known for “Scrubs,” an NBC/ABC comedy show. Actor-comedian also voiced in shows like ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ ‘Brickleberry,’ ‘Futurama,’ and ‘Father of the Pride,’ David Herman also did the same for  Kevin Pubesalad Crawford. The character of Kevin’s father, Chief Randall Crawford, was voiced by Tom Kenny. 

The characters Bullet and Gerald Fitzgerald, respectively, are voiced by Kyle Kinane and Cedric Yarbrough. Others included are Dana Snyder as Dusty Marlow, Waco O’Guin in the role for Robby, Grey Griffin as Mayor Karen Crawford, John DiMaggio for Chicago Kingpin, and Lance Reddick as Agent Clappers. Everyone is expected to reprise in their roles. 

What can Paradise PD Season 4 be about?

Paradise PD Poster
Paradise PD Poster

Fans witnessed a totally different level of madness and fun in the third season, giving them fantastic entertainment. The group of inefficient police gets tangled in various weird happenings from Chief Crawford stole his own sperm from the fertility clinic, how life is after marriage for Fritz, and Kevin’s nonexistent imaginary girlfriend; everything was very wild. 

The fourth season will definitely be the same excitement for fans, that’s for sure!

People will probably get to know more about the relationship between Kevin and Gina in the fourth season and divulging many secrets of the cast. Also, the Chief’s newborn baby will be revealed, and more about it will be shown. No one knows what the fourth season holds in store for the fans since the series’s setting is unpredictable and filled with weird characters. But only wildness and fun are guaranteed!! Stay tuned for more!

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