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Microsoft Reportedly to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion

The popular gaming chat platform Discord reportedly to be purchased by Microsoft very soon with a whopping amount of USD 10 Billion. The software and gaming giant Microsoft wants to enhance its communication programs, so they are looking to buy this gaming chat platform now. But Microsoft isn’t the only platform that is eyeing to purchase this online gaming chat platform, Discord.

The online gaming and chat platform Discord was launched back in 2015, and it was designed to help the gaming communities to make their platform and create their own spaces. Users mainly use the Discord servers to communicate via voice calls, messages, sharing files, images, video calls, and even screen share.

The Discord servers have become widely popular over the years, and the number of Discord active users reaching 100 million in June of 2020 from 250 million registered users. The Discord has come a long way previously. It was valued at around 7 billion that is 3 billion short of Microsoft’s current offer.

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Microsoft has been buying companies for years now. Previously from purchasing Linkedln and Yammer, they have strengthened the company and extend the sphere of influence on people’s lives. These acquisitions are all in for tech giants keen to capture the global market and keep an intense competition between their competitors such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

The race to capture the market has a billion-dollar fee nowadays, and a company like Microsoft can easily sustain that. Previously Microsoft even attempted to obtain Nintendo around 20 years ago.

The Discord server can also be used in Xbox products; people have previously tied their accounts with the Discord platform and even showcased their active Xbox accounts. Judging by the popularity of Discord nowadays, maybe Microsoft is looking forward to purchasing Discord to take control of the 250 million registered users on the platform.

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