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Hong Guang Mini EV has beaten Tesla Model 3 as the Most-Selling Electric Vehicle

Hong Guang Mini EV has beaten Tesla’s Model 3 to become the best-selling Electric Vehicle globally in January and February. Compared to Tesla’s Model 3, this new Hong Guang Mini EV hatchback has sold around 36000 cars in January compared to 21,500 of Tesla Model 3. And in February, the company sold more than 20,000 compared to 13,700 Model 3.

China’s state-owned SAIC Motor and Wuling Motors and US carmaker General Motors are developing this new Hong Guang Mini EV hatchback. The price of one Hong Guang Mini EV in china is around 28,800 yuan which is approximately USD 4,500. Although it is quite true that this car’s specification is a no match for A Tesla Model 3, the price is also significantly less that is the reason why maybe most of the people in China are buying this latest mini electric hatchback.

Hong Guang Mini EV
Hong Guang Mini EV

This new Hong Guang Mini EV car claims to cover around 170 Kms on the road, which is approximately 106 miles and can reach a top speed of 100 km/h or 62 mp/h. So this is more of a standard vehicle which can be used for transportation only. The car has a wheelbase of 76.4 inches, and it is just around 115 inches long and 59 inches wide. The vehicle is just 64 inches tall and weighs approximately 1,466 pounds.

This new Hong Guang Mini EV has a sitting capacity of 4 people, and if you need space, you will have to fold down the rear seats.

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Coming to the new Tesla Model 3s compared to this new Hong Guang Mini EV, the Tesla Model 3s specifications are far superior. At one charge, A Tesla Model 3s can cover 400+ Kilometer, which is around 250 Miles. The price for Tesla Model 3 starts from just below USD 40,000, but it goes up to USD 55,000 depending on the performance and specification.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla model has a wheelbase of 113 inches, is 185 inches long, 73 inches wide, and the car is around 57 inches tall. The Model 3s weighs about 3500 pounds.

The Hong Guang Mini EV was launched last summer, and so far, by its sell records, it is doing great in China. This new model is only available in China, but in the future, it will be available in other international markets as well. Based on the USA and China’s current trading relations, the USA might be last on the list.

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