PlayStation 5 India Restock
PlayStation 5 India Restock

PS5 – India Restock Delayed Again To April

Last Updated on March 21, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Sony PS5 Restock in India was supposed to come on the 2nd of February. But it has been around two months now, and there is no certain news about restocks. There were a lot of controversies about the Sony PS5 launching in the markets. These controversies could have been easily avoided if the company had dealt with the situations and problems in a better way.

Several sources from the company have mentioned that India is going to face a good amount of delay in getting the restocks. From February, the date had been shifted to the end of March. But now, there are no further talks about it. The big retailers haven’t been informed anything about the PS5’s restocks. So it seems that even this particular date will not prove fruitful.

The sub-distributors of the Sony products in Nagpur and a few other places are getting fed up with constant customer calls. The customers are waiting for the device, and the distributors are giving the reason that this delay is because of shipment wreckage that happened while transporting India’s devices.

Many sub-distributors are giving the same reason to the customers. However, we are not sure about the fact whether this news is accurate or not. Sony has not yet made any comments about it. On facing questions about restocks, the only thing that Sony is saying is to check their social channels for any upcoming news and information.

Has the Sony PS5 India Restock Date been moved to April?

Sony PS5 India Restock delayed to april
Sony PS5 India Restock

It has been reported that many Sony Centres in Bhopal and Goa had started collecting cash from the customers for pre-bookings. They have informed us that the PlayStation 5 restocks will be available by the second week of April.

Along with the PS5 restocks, we might also get to see a restock of the PS4 units. The PlayStation 4 has already been a decade old now, but it still has a lot of demand among the people in India. The same trend was noticed when the PlayStation 3 had launched, and with that, there was increased demand for the PS2. The interest had grown among the masses to such an extent that around 1 million units had got sold.

Sony also saw the same thing happening with the PlayStation 3 sales back when the PS4 had launched. Every time the older models were sold at a higher price, but even then, the people clung to it. With PC parts being available at a higher cost currently, we can assume that the PS4 will have got sales records amongst people looking for gaming at a budget.

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Is Sony India Facing Greater Problems?

It is not just the lack of availability of the PS5 that is bothering Sony India currently. Retailers have said that the first-party exclusive products are not selling that well. Many of the products have been priced at Rs. 4,999, which is too high, and that has become one of the primary reasons.

The customers can willingly spend money when it comes to games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. But even here lies a problem- Sony had shown us a big line-up of games during the launch of the PS5. However, the upcoming games include Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal, both of whose demands are in low numbers, as said by the company. The people are looking for bigger titles being launched on the PS5.

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