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Justice League Knightmare
Justice League Knightmare Scene

Justice League Snyder Cut’s Knightmare Scene Explained

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had introduced the “Knightmare” scene when it was released, and this year Snyder’s Cut revisits the same scene again. This is not a spoiler; we all know how Zack Snyder has been literally excited about the Knightmare for years now. It is evident that he would like to explore this further in his next movies of Justice League.

With Snyder Cut out, people get to know more about Batman’s campaign against the Evil Superman and Darkseid. So if you want to know the details about the particular scene, go on reading. But there will be some major spoilers ahead.

This particular scene happens right before the movie is about to end, under the section Epilogue. Just like Batman V Superman, in this movie, this scene is also presented as a dream which Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, has while sleeping. Just after the dream, he meets a new hero, the Martian Manhunter. In his dream, Batman has a few allies who were fugitives earlier.

The people in the dream were Flash, played by Ezra Miller; Cyborg played by Ray Fisher, Joker, played by Jared Leto; Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello; and Mera, played by Amber heard. In this dream, all of the above-mentioned people try to sneak past the para-demons to a place, but Superman finds them and gets ready to fight. This is when Bruce wakes up from his sleep.

Full Explanation of the Justice League Knightmare Scene

Justice League snyder cut Knightmare
Justice League Knightmare scene

This scene’s explanation is no longer a secret. Zack Snyder has explained all the dialogues in the particular scene. The dialogues exchanged between Joker and Batman actually reference the dark times, which will be shown in Justice League 2. Snyder has a wicked plan of making the movie even more interesting. He will be making Darkseid kill Lois Lane and infect Superman with the Anti-Life Equation. This is what joker was referring to as the dark turn of fate.

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Many things will be made clear as to why Flash had come in front of Batman in his dream in Batman V Superman. Joker also asks Batman how many timelines get messed up in order to stay alive. This line is actually building a base for the third installment of Justice League, where Flash will have to make 2 trips in the past. One of the trips is when Barry comes in very early to warn Bruce, and the second trip is when Barry reaches the correct time to give the warning again. This final warning will make Batman sacrifice himself to bring back Lois so that Superman doesn’t get affected. This unity will bring the Amazons, Atlanteans, and the superheroes together to prevent Darkseid from invading the Earth.

Snyder had this idea that later on, when all superheroes would be thinking of sending flashback in the timeline, Cyborg would be making all the calculations. He will point at Bruce and say that Flash will give a warning about Lois during both moments. This is to bring urgency to this particular matter and so that Bruce understands that something very serious will happen if Lois dies.

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