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Psychic Princess Season 2 – When will season 2 arrive?

The Chinese animated series or Chinese donhua is titled Psychic Princess Season 2 or Tong Ling Fei. It is written and illustrated by Rou Rou and based on a Chinese manhou series.

The protagonist is Qian Yun Xi, who had been sent to live in the mountains from 8 years of age because of possession of “strange powers.” Ever since the first season ended in 2019 April, fans have been waiting for more of it.

She grew up with an innocent, childlike personality, away from the strict rules for the noble class’s daughters. But her life drastically changed when she is married off to the prince of an enemy family, Ye Youming, instead of her younger sister. The prince was initially not caring and loving towards Qian because of the rivalry of families, but he comes to care for her towards the end of the season.

The show has gathered positive responses from critics and fans after the first season’s release and often thinks about what might happen in the upcoming season, expressing their social media speculations. Some more info about it on the way!

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Psychic Princess Season 2 Release Date

Psychic Princess Season 2 release date
Psychic Princess Season 2 Scene

Produced by Haoliners Animation League, a Shanghai-based company, the show released in November 2018, and ended in April 2019, showing 16 episodes. For the second season, there hasn’t been any official announcement. It’s almost certain that there will be a second season coming for the show, due to all the good reviews it has received. Other donhua like Chivalrous Hero Shen Jian Xin,’ ‘The King’s Avatar,’ ‘Ling Long: Incarnation,’ and ‘Tales of Demons and Gods,’ which were similarly popular, all had multiple seasons.

So Psychic Princess will also not be exceptional. It’s another thing that animation productions take a lot of time in the process of making. So if the second season is announced in 2021, mostly it’ll come out in 2022.


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Psychic Princess Season 2 Plot

In the last episode of the first season, we see that the younger sister of Qian Yun Xi, Qian Yunshang, tries to exorcise the demon inside the Qing you pavilion and so brings Taoist master. She asked her maids to confront Qing Yun’s maid. Around this time, Qing Yun’s companion spirit Sesame Seed arrived and attacked Yunshang’s maid when he knew what was going on. But he was destroyed by the Taoist master. Now, Yun Xi arrived and destroyed the Taoist’s spell.

This impressed the Taoist master, who offered her to take him as her teaching guru. But this possibility is nipped in the bud by Prince Ye, who orders Qing Yun only belongs to him and no one else. He then moves inside the pavilion, and a hooded figure is featured who comes to know about the thumb ring.

It is possible that this hooded figure’s identity will be revealed in the second season, and he might be the chief villain. Also, the closeness between Prince Ye and Quin Yun Xi will grow. And the story will be concerned about the royal members.

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