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Rocket Lake-S
Rocket Lake-S

Rocket Lake-S Intel Processors Brings In Negative Results For Multi-Core Category

Intel is ready to bring in their upcoming processors, Rocket Lake-S, during this very month. However, before launching the processor, a few tests have been carried out, which brings some sad news. The test results bring in more negative news rather than any positive ones. The 8-core processor by intel will regain Intel’s crown in gaming, which AMD snatched a few months ago. Intel has always given a better performance in multi-core processors as compared to AMD.

Intel will use their 14nm chip in their Rocket Lake-S CPUs. These chips will be made to work at their maximum capacity. It will also be the last time we will see Intel using their age-old 14nm chips for their CPUs.

Rocket Lake-S by Intel brings good results in single-core but the opposite in multi-core.

Intel’s efficiency is going down slowly for some time now. According to a few leaks, the 11th Gen processors for the desktop are not as capable as compared to that of AMD Ryzen processors.

@TUM_APISAk has been able to find out the latest Intel Core i9-11900K in the CPU-Z list of benchmarks. The scores he found there show that Intel is in deep trouble.

The competitor of Intel’s Core i9-11900K is the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. The difference in both the CPUs’ scores shows how AMD is so well equipped to draw in less power than Intel. The processor by Intel has managed a score of 716 pints in the single-core benchmark category, and in the multi-core benchmark category, it has scored 6539 points. In spite of the Intel processors being clocked at higher speeds than AMD, the scores still have come very dissatisfying.

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Rocket Lake-S
Benchmark scores have been leaked for i9 11900K

The only thing which is helping Intel right now is that being clocked at higher speeds; the single-core can perform well in gaming. But that is the only thing about which the company can boast about. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X can easily beat the scores of Intel’s processor in the multi-core category. The scores of the AMD CPU in single-core is 661 points and in multi-core is 6578 points.

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There is a difference of 55 points in the category of single-core. This difference does not look like a big one, but Intel takes in more power than AMD when it comes to power consumption.

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