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Disney+ Might Soon Overtake Netflix to become the next big Platform

The long-reigning king of all the streaming platforms, Netflix, might soon get dethroned by Disney’s rising popularity and good content. Disney Plus has combined with ESPN+ and Hulu, which has successively brought Disney to the top of the chart. By the end of 2024, the number of subscribers of Disney will far exceed the numbers of Netflix.

The number of subscribers that Disney has passed the count of 100 million. The two major streaming platforms – ESPN+ and Hulu, have made this possible. This collective venture will make this number of subscribers surpass 300 million in a couple of years. Ampere Analytics data have made these projections, and the score is well over Netflix’s subscribers in the next few years.

Disney+ might soon take over the crown held by Netflix in a few years from now.

Netflix CEO: Reed Hastings

During the later half of 2020, Netflix came up with shows like The Crown and Bridgerton. It was during then that their subscriber count went up to 200 million. The company has noticed that during the past few years, the growth has slowed down steadily. According to Ampere’s data, by the end of 2024, Netflix might reach close to 279 million subscribers, whereas Disney has to potential to cross 300 million through its streaming services.

Disney’s entry into streaming services came very late in 2019, as compared to the other platforms. their streaming service provides a wide range of content- films from marvel, Disney classics, Star Wars movies, and many other Disney shows which everyone likes. All these pushed up the subscriber count to 100 million in such a short period of time. If we look at Netflix, it took around ten years to reach 100 million subscribers.

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WandaVision is currently one of the most-watched shows globally, and it is being streamed on Disney Plus. There are shows like WandaVision and The Mandalorian which are increasing the subscriber count for Disney. For Netflix, the shows like Making a Murderer and Tiger king are also boosting the number. However, we cannot solely depend on the predictions that are made. The reality might just be the opposite. We will get to know about it when the time comes.

But one thing is for sure, Disney is trying its level best to bring in more and more content that people can enjoy. The rising number of subscribers for the streaming platform has made the crew even more ambitious.

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