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Nintendo Switch 2021
Nintendo Switch 2021

Nintendo Switch will have the DLSS Support after NVIDIA’s Initiative

Whenever we think about any handheld portable consoles for gaming, then there is just one name that comes to our mind- Nintendo Switch. The company is said to work on a next-gen model for Nintendo Switch. Another Nintendo Switch Pro might be equipped with a 4K OLED screen of 7 inches.

There are a lot of things that are not known to us. We don’t know whether the new model will be the Nintendo Switch’s successor or just a simple upgrade on the previous model. Another fact about which people are a bit confused is whether the revised models will have the DLSS support or not.

The next-gen Nintendo Switch might get the DLSS support.

Nintendo Switch
DLSS support for the next-gen models

A few recent reports have stated that NVIDIA will start the production of the terga X1 Mariko graphics processing units in 2021. This also signifies that Nintendo should work on a new graphics module for the upcoming Switch models. Hopefully, it might happen that the new SoC will support the DLSS.

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Recently, there was a firmware update on the device and what has also come out is that the new device, which is already in the works, has been given the codename Aula. Aula will surely come with 4K support, but whether it will support DLSS or not is unknown.

NateDrake was the person who leaked the news about the latest SoC and DLSS equipped Nintendo Switch. The device’s release date is still unknown, but NetDrake believes that the DLSS model will be announced in the new fiscal year. However, due to the shortage of chips currently, there might be a few delays in the release date.

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