Season 3 of Love Alarm to Come Out on Netflix soon?

Love Alarm Season 3
Love Alarm Season 3

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Love Alarm is one of the first Korean series that has been confirmed to be released by Netflix. This South Korean series is of the romantic genre and is made on the Daum webtoon made by Chon Kye-young. The web series has been set in a world where comes a mobile app. This mobile app informs them whether, in a ten-meter radius, anyone has feelings for them or not. Kim Jo-jo is completely fascinated by this world and tries to get over her challenges.

The show has been developed by Jiyoung park and premiered on Netflix on the 22nd of August 2019. It was one of the most-watched and best releases of Netflix in that year and made it to the top of the TOP 10 list in South Korea. The viewers have been totally hooked with both the seasons of Love Alarm. The topic that they are dealing with is very relevant to social media’s influence on our lives. The fans are very excited whether they would get to see another season or not.

Is there a 3rd Season coming soon? Let us discuss a bit about it.

Love Alarm Season 3
Is Season 3 going to come soon?
Cast of Love Alarm Season 3

The series shows the love triangle between Kim So-hyun playing Kim Jo-jo, Jung Ga-ram playing Lee Hye-young, Song Kang playing Hwang Sun-oh. They go to the same high-school, and Jo-jo stays with her friends from childhood, Hye-young and Sun-oh. There are a few other important characters in the series- Go Min-si playing Park Gul-mi, Lee Jae-eung playing Cheong Duk-gu, Song Seon-mi playing Jeong Mi-mi, and Kim Si-eun playing Lee Yuk-jo. Most of these actors should return if there is a Season 3 along with a few new ones.

Plot of Love Alarm Season 3

The end of Season 2 answered almost all our questions. The shield and spear feature of the application causes a few ups and downs between Sun-oh, Hye-young, and Jo-jo. Jo-jo also says that she chooses Hye-young. Duk-gu has developed the mobile app, and he realizes that the app is not allowing people to get in touch with their true inner feelings. Sun-oh confirms going into deeper depths with his relationship with Yuk-jo. Hye-young tells Sun-oh that he will always be there for his childhood friend.

If there is a Season 3, then there will be some light on the new couples- Hye-young and Jo-jo on one side and Sun-oh and Yuk-jo on the other. We will also see what happens to the mobile app and whether Duk-gu makes another app that can detect whether people are lying or not. It might so happen that this feature gets added in the original application, giving a new scope and opening to the show.

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Release date of Love Alarm Season 3

The second season got over by the 12th of March, 2021. It had six episodes, and each episode had a run-time of 43 to 71 minutes.

There are no confirmations regarding the third season as Season 2 had ended on a conclusive note. We had seen the end of Season 1, which made us understand that Season 2 will definitely come. Season 2 has ended in the way all the webtoons do with a proper conclusion. Therefore, Season 3 is very unlikely to happen.

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