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PUBG Mobile 1.3
PUBG Mobile 1.3

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Patch Update will bring New Features, Guns and Vehicles

Although PUBG Mobile has been banned in India for some time now, Krafton is trying its best to bring the game back. PUBG has now brought in a new patch- 1.3, which will bring in a lot of additions to the Erangel map. Royale Pass Season 18 will also have a kick-off start from the 17th of March. The new update of PUBG Mobile is 640 MB in size.

The 1.3 patches of PUBG Mobile have been released, and it brings with it a festival mode to celebrate PUBG’s anniversary. The latest mode has been given the name Hundred Rhythms, which will happen on the Erangel map.

The players can be present in a music festival with a specific Music Armband which will be equipped with three unique powers. We will also get to see a new weapon along with other improvements in performance. The Indian players will not be able to experience these modifications, but many people are playing PUBG using VPNs.

Android and iOS users will receive the update from the 9th of March. For iOS, the size of the update is 1.55 GB, and for Android, the size of the update is 640 MB. The servers might go offline because of the update.

Patch 1.3 for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile 1.3
PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 Update

The Hundred Rhythms mode can only be played in Erangel. The armband on the players will let them choose one skill out of the three. There are three skills- Recon Armband, Guardian Armband, and Camouflage Armband. There are several cassettes available all over the Erangel map that will help you to upgrade the skills. The band will provide one active and two passive skills.

Let us know each armband and its skills. Firstly, the Guardian Armband will make a barrier that will reduce the damage from the bullets. Next comes the Recon Armband; this will allow the player to use a scanning device that will spot and mark the enemies on the map in the nearby areas. Lastly, the Camouflage Armband will let the player change their attire and wear a Ghillie suit for a small amount of time.

There are three electronic music squares where people can enjoy dance music- the first one is on the spawn island, and the remaining two are there in Erangel. The new update also brings a Clown Shop Vehicle where the player can get combat supplies in exchange for Clown tokens. This feature will be added on the 31st of March.

The last chapter in PUBG Metro Royale started on the 9th of March. There are new elite enemies, new rewards, the bots have now been made even smarter. The Tikhar Rifle is now no longer there. After the update is done, then players can play the Power Armor Mode every Friday to Sunday. There two more additions to the game- Mosin Nagant, a sniper rifle, and Motor Glider, a new vehicle.

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Season 18 of the Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile will begin on the 17th of March. There will be some special guests who will appear, and the players will also get double rank rewards. The players who will reach Rank 100 will get a Kar 98 skin and a Violin music set.

This patch will bring in a lot of improvements in performance, system, and security. For iOS 14.3, MSAA and HDR problems have been solved. For monitoring suspicious player behavior, and rendering graphics, this patch will prove very useful.

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Although PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, Krafton is working its best to bring it back. Krafton is in constant communication with the Indian Government to get the game back. A new version, PUBG: New State, had been made, but it was not available in India.

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