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Attack On Titan Chapter 139: Where to Read it Online & What to Expect?
Attack On Titan Chapter 139: Where to Read it Online & What to Expect? Credit: Hajime Isayama

Attack On Titan Chapter 139: Where to Read it Online & What to Expect?

So let’s understand how the end of the anime, which fans have been enjoying for long 11 years, the last Chapter that is Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, is expected to release soon.

There are many issues that haven’t been solved, open strings, and unanswered questions that fans are eagerly waiting to know.

There are a lot of mysteries that lie ahead on what will become of the Titans since, after the last chapter, most of the alliances have turned into a titan.

The manner in which their destiny will unfold is what all fans want to know. So here in this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with the upcoming chapter. 

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Ending: What Happened? 

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Ending
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Ending (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

There was a huge surprise for fans at the end of the chapter, making them feel all kinds of emotions.

Anyway, though it was chaotic, it was ended by Mikasama while he was decapitating the body of Eren. 

A dead Eren gets a final smooch by Mikasama, turning things more emotional. But no one knows whether Eren is really dead or not?

It’s a mystery what will happen in the next chapter, 139? Many things like whatever Eren’s achievements were, from the Rumbling to being Historia’s child’s father, need to be answered. 

Will the world now be safe after what Mikasa did? Will there be no more Titans?

According to Omenitos, Eren has the capacity to see the past and future, so it is quite unknown why he let that happen to him, in spite of his ability. 

We can’t really believe that Eren will just as easily give an upper hand to Armin Mikasa and Levi in the game after whatever he endured and experienced.

All this seems to be part of a plan. Hence we need to remind ourselves that similar to the alternate storyline featuring Mikasa, Eren has the power to manipulate the memories of people. 

As events stand this way, it’s really hard to predict how the final chapter 139 will turn out to be and what it will show.

For this, there’s no option other than waiting for the 9th of April, Friday, to find it out. This makes the chapter a must-read. 

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Ending
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Ending (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Release Date: Where to Read Online?

Volume 34 of the manga carries Chapter 139 of Attack On Titan. According to Kodansha Attack On Titan, Chapter 139 is due to be published on Friday, 9 April 2021.

The final chapter is expected to be published by the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine around April, but the physical issue of Volume 34 will begin on 9 June.

The release time of this chapter can vary based on the time zone you are in. Here’s the timing of the release. Please note that these timings have not yet been formally announced but have been stated on the basis of the release time of the previous chapters.

Here are the Release Date or Attack On Titan Chapter 139 country wise

  • Pacific Time 7 a.m.
  • Central Time: 9 a.m,
  • UK Time: 3 p.m,
  • Time in Europe: 4 p.m,
  • Pakistan Time: 8 a.m,
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 a.m,
  • Hour of Japan: 12 a.m,
  • Time of Korea: 12 a.m,
  • Australia’s Time: 1 a.m.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 is available on Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, and Viz Media. Fans will also get the full volume as soon as they start shipping to Amazon and MyAnimeList. Here are some of the most popular leaks from the next chapter.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139: What to Expect? 

Due to inhaling the vapour released from the Founding Titan, Gabi, Jean, Connie, and Karina have transformed into Titans themselves.

This incident was a part of Eren’s plan. Now no one knows whether the end of the chapter brings a solid reason to answer this or will the chapter end without a major cliffhanger. 

Also, there are possibilities, according to theories, about starting the Rumbling by taking the alliance members, the new Titans. And also, there are chances of Eren controlling all the rest of the people since all of them have changed into Titan. Stay tuned for more!!

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