Attack On Titan Chapter 138: Is Eren Really Dead? and What Can We Expect from the Last Chapter?

Attack On Titan Chapter 138: Is Eren Really Dead? and What Can We Expect from the Last Chapter?

The ultimate story of the Survey Corps will be revealed next month on Attack On Titan. The war between the Children of Ymir and the nation of Marley will come to a conclusion. The final chapter will show us some death scenes that are going to make the fans of Hajime Isayama cry. The final battle will be a battle for the world’s fate. There surely will not be a happy ending as both sides put everything into the final battle. If you are totally into following the manga and haven’t read the latest chapter yet, you wouldn’t want to read this article further as it reveals some major details.

Attack On Titan’s latest chapter will see the deaths of several main characters.

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Recap
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Recap

In the previous chapter of Attack On Titan, we saw that the Survey Cops took down Eren Jaeger by detonating a bomb around his neck. But in this franchise, we know that things don’t happen as we want them to. Eren survived the big explosion, and now he has emerged from fire and flames with a body of Armin’s size. However, the deaths that will happen in the latest chapter are not due to Eren.

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The parasite that was earlier linked to Ymir to make the Founding Titan was fearing for its existence. Now it has unleashed a poisonous gas that changes every Eldians into mindless Titans, thus taking all their lives. The Survey Corps, Connie, Gabi, and Jean have all faced the blast and became wicked Titans. Along with these transformations, Annie has also lost her father, but she is safe. Now she is powered with the power of Female Titan in her hands.

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Mikasa's Last Good bye to Eren
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Mikasa’s Last Goodbye to Eren

The chapter does not bring in just the deaths; it ends with Mikasa facing a tough choice of her life as she kills Eren from his Titan form. This kills Eren, and Ymir watches this in the background. In a horrifying scene, Mikasa goes and gives a kiss on the detached head of Eren. Doing this, she thinks of alternative life for both of them.

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