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DC Titans Season 3
DC Titans Season 3

DC Titans Season 3: Episodes names have been leaked over the internet!!

Season 3 of DC Titans, which comes on HBO Max, has finally got all its titles leaked. The stars this time are Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, and other DC mainstays. 

Let us have a look at all the titles of the episodes of Titans Season 3. 

  • The first episode has been given the name- Barbara Gordon. It is written by Richard Hatem and Geoff Johns.
  • The second episode is named- Red Hood. Tom Pabst has penned it down.
  • The second episode is named- Hank & Dove. Jamie Gorenberg has penned it down.
  • Blackfire is the name of the fourth episode. 
  • Lazarus is the name of Episode 5.
  • Episode 6 has been named Lady Vic.
  • Episode 7 has been named 51 Percent.
  • The eighth episode gets the name Home.
  • Episode 9 is named Souls.
  • Episode 10 is named Troubled Water.

The episodes from 11 to 13 are not present here. 

We can understand from the episode names of Season 3 that Titans will bring the debut of Barbara Gordon. Jason Todd will also evolve from Robin to Red Hood. This season there will be longer and bigger roles of Blackfire with Tim Drake and Scarecrow’s presence. 

Episode names of Titans season 3 have been leaked!!

DC Titans Season 3
Episode names have been leaked for DC Titans Season 3

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Titans debuted back in 2018. It was created by Groff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Akiva Goldsman. This was DC’s initial phase of work and new seasons of Doom Patrol and Young Justice. The heroes will face the villains like Deathstroke/Slade Wilson and Trigon, along with a few other legacies and demons.

We will get to see the stars like Anna Diop will play Kory Anders, Brenton Thwaites will play Disck Grayson, Ryan Potter will play Garfield Logan, Rachel Roth will play Teagan Croft, Curran Walters will play Jason Todd, Alan Rickson will play Hank Hall, Chelsea Zhang will play Rose Wilson. There are several other characters being played by good actors. 

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