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AirAsia Flying Taxi
AirAsia Flying Taxi

The Flying Taxi business by AirAsia is a great move for increasing their business

The Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian airline company, AirAsia, has said that they have some new plans. The company is looking forward to coming up with a flying taxi business that might start next year.

Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, has confirmed the fact that this work is going on. By the next one or one and a half years, the project will be up and running. Fernandes had approved this as a part of the Youth Economic Forum’s online discussion.

During the pandemic, there was a complete stop to traveling in 2020. The airline company took a new step and has expanded its business in a different direction. The company has come up with a super application in 2020, which was one place for all sorts of entertainment, payments, shopping, and the necessary travel services.

The Flying Taxi business by AirAsia might start in 2022.

Flying Taxi
Flying Taxi by AirAsia

The pandemic allowed the company to focus and explore other types of business, and thankfully it has been going great.

AirAsia is also engaged in the works of e-hailing services, which should by April. Fernandes informed that the flying taxi services would surely start from next year. Each of the vehicles will be equipped with four seats and will be powered by a quadcopter.

There will also be a new venture in making an urban drone delivery service. The company is planning this in collaboration with the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

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Meanwhile, AirAsia is not sitting back; they are looking around for further opportunities in other fields to increase in business. Fernandes also believes that the company could make their venture in making vaccines. AirAsia, the Kuala Lumpur-based company, always offers low fares for flights across 22 countries, which are mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fernandes hopes that traveling interstate should start in the next couple of weeks. He is also hopeful about the fact that by July or August, the International Borders will open.

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