Intel Rocket Lake CPU will have a few features similar to Ryzen CPUs

Intel Rocket Lake CPU will have a few features similar to Ryzen CPUs

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Intel is working on a Rocket Lake CPU, and it will be revealed on the 16th of March. Regarding the official review of the CPU’s performance, the reports will get unveiled on the 30th of March. There are a few retailers who have already started selling the Rocket Lake processors by Intel. Still, Intel will not officially make them available in the official store before the 30th of March.

As the processors are now available from a few retailers, a few reviews have already come out in the market. The reviews and benchmarks which are being obtained now are all unofficial. The Chinese Chiphell forum states that the rocket lake CPUs have the feature to support memory overclocking. This particular feature is the same as that of AMD’s Infinity Fabric Clock on the Ryxen 3000 CPU and the Ryzen 5000 CPU.

The Rocket Lake CPUs by Intel has a few similar features to AMD’s processors.

Intel Rocket Lake CPU
Intel Rocket Lake CPU has features similar to Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 5000.

This feature was not there in the leaked details of the benchmarks. Chiphell, however, does full justice to this particular feature. The post states that the Rocket lake processor appears in the Core i7 11700K by Intel, and it runs on the MSI MEG Z490I Unify motherboard. Using the motherboard means there is one advantage- the user can use two “gears” for the CPU IMC.

The first Gear, Gear 1, is in 1:1 synchronous mode, while the second gear, Gear 2, is in ½:1 asynchronous mode. The second option is similar to that of the Infinity Fabric Clock feature on the Ryzen processors that can be developed to work independently. This will be done through the memory clock, MEMCLK, and the controller of the memory clock, UCLK.

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The Ryzen 3000 CPUs work on the FCLK in synchronous mode, which can go up to 1,800 MHz of DDR4 3600. There are a handful of gold examples that hit FLCK 1,900 MHz of DDR4 3800. The other CPU of Ryzen, Ryzen 5000, provides a bit over 2,000 MHz of DDR4 4000.

The 1:1 variant for the Rocket Lake CPUs will be capped close to 1,866 MHz of DDR4 3733. This makes this particular CPU go hand in hand with the Ryzen 3000 CPU models.

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