Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 is the Works for the Next Generation Consoles and PCs

Dead Island 2 is the Works for the Next Generation Consoles and PCs

Last Updated on March 4, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Dead Island 2 has been in the works for a long period of time now. The final product which the people will get won’t have any content from the past. A recent job ad showed that the developers of Dead Island 2 are looking for people to share their experience and put in their hands on the AAA gaming title, which will come on desktops and the next generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft. The jobs do not have any specified job description or title attached to them. However, Dambuster is not known for working in other AAA titles, which is established.

Dambuster is also searching for well-experienced programmers who know ray tracing and can work with DirectX 12. A year back, the job from the company ad said that Dead Island 2 would come to the next generation consoles and the modern-day PCs. However, no one is sure whether these plans would still stay or not.

Dead Island 2 might come up on the next-gen consoles and will support the feature of Ray Tracing.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Poster

The game has been in the works since the year of 2012. Presently it is in the fourth studio for nearly ten years. The game has gone from Techland to Yager Developments, then to Sumo Digital, and it ended in Dambuster. Deep Silver, the publisher of the game, has said that the game will allow the players to explore the vast lands of California. The player can choose their own character and engage in fights against the zombies. There will be huge waves of zombies coming in, so the player has to design weapons from electric machetes to motor grinders.

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The step was taken by Dambuster, and it will be good to shift developing Dead Island 2 to the next-gen platforms and completely start new with the game. This will make them avoid many problems which are connected with making gaming open-world gaming titles in the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One hardware. We do not yet have a release date for the above-mentioned game.

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