Samsung Messaging App is now available on Selected Devices
Samsung Messaging App is now available on Selected Devices

Samsung Messaging App is Now Available on Selected Devices

Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

All the users had to use Microsoft’s Your Phone application to connect their smartphones (Android) to a Windows 10 desktop or laptop in order to shoot off a message. This was common before Samsung came up with its latest messaging service, Samsung Messaging App. However, this messaging feature from Samsung is available to a few selected devices exclusively from Samsung.

Galaxy Book and galaxy tablet owners can use Samsung’s latest messaging application to send and receive SMS on Windows 10 without using Microsoft’s application. This new application from Samsung also has a lot of other features, which we will be discussing soon.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Messaging Application service.

Samsung Messaging App
Available on selected devices from Samsung

The messaging application is available for free on the Microsoft Store. It can send and receive text messages without the requirement of the Your Phone app from Microsoft. However, the application is presently exclusive to only a few selected Samsung devices.

In the store, it has been stated that the application will send the messages to the receiver’s phone number. The receiver has to have a smartphone with internet data of 4G or 5G LTE connectivity.

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This application was also spotted on Android Central, and it clearly states that only a handful of devices from Samsung can avail of its facilities for the time being. A few of the Samsung devices include the Galaxy Book 10,6 LIE, Galaxy TAbPro S, Galaxy Book 2, and the Galaxy Book 12 LTE. The services will soon be available on the Galaxy Flex 2 5G.

With the help of the new application by Samsung, the users will not only receive text messages, but they will also be receiving live notifications and be able to drag, send and receive files from their smartphones.

If you are in possession of any of the phones, laptops, or tablets mentioned above, then head to the Microsoft store and download the app.

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