The Xbox Streaming App is already in the works for a good streaming experience.

The Xbox Streaming App is already in the works for a good streaming experience.

There is an Xbox Game Streaming App in development for the Windows PC for some time now. Finally, it is ready to get launched in the market. A few sources say that Microsoft is in the final stages of the development of the Streaming application. This application will give the players access to games from Microsoft’s Xbox cloud service.

The Verge has managed to get their hands on the updated version of the Xbox Streaming Game application for Windows OS. No formal announcements have been made about the application. This app will allow the users of Windows to stream games from Xcloud and Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox Streaming App
Hands-on snaps from the application

A few sources also say that if the player has the latest Xbox console, then he will not be able to stream games from that device to their Windows PC. This drawback is present in the present version of the application. It will be resolved as further work goes on and suitable updates are designed. Windows PC will get xcloud streaming service for the first time.

If you want to connect to the Xbox consoles, then there is a feature called Xbox Remote Play. The work of this feature is the same as the work of the Console Companions already present. The Xbox consoles can be remotely turned on, signed in, and gameplay can be enjoyed irrespective of where we are.

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Currently, the streaming is 720p, and Microsoft is working hard on making streaming in 1080p possible for xcloud. Once this update comes, it will improve the streaming experience on Windows PCs, and then streaming will also be made possible in the next-generation Xbox consoles. 

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Microsoft is planning for the “What’s new for Gaming!!” event for the following month. Here we might get a lot of updates about their work and their plans.

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