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Facebook BARS App is coming for the budding Rappers
Facebook BARS App is coming for the budding Rappers

Facebook BARS App is coming for the budding Rappers

The Facebook BARS app is going through some beta tests, and here are a few key points about it.

  • The Facebook BARS application is exclusively for the people in the United States from the App Store.
  • There is a challenge included in the application, which comes with a feature that allows you to develop freestyle raps. 
  • TikTok-inspired Collaborations were earlier brought in by Facebook’s NPE.

This particular application that is being formed is an attempt from Facebook to take on TikTok by bringing in the rappers on their sides. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Research and Development team is developing this new application, and right now, it is undergoing a lot of beta tests.

It will allow the users to create and showcase their raps with the help of a few built-in tools in the application. NPE has mentioned that the users do not need to be rappers by profession or have previous experience in rapping to use this application and create content. 

Pre-recorded beats, a dictionary for rhyming, and everything else required will be there. Is it a rapper’s paradise now?

Facebook BARS App
Available exclusively on iOS in the US

So Facebook is working on creating a specific platform for the rappers. The normal short video sharing feature will be available in the application. There will be a lot of pre-recorded audio beats to transform the user’s rap and make it sound very professional.

There is a rhyming dictionary in the application that will help you in creating the words for the rap. It will be interesting by introducing a few challenges and other modes where the user has to do freestyle with the words which appear automatically. 

Once the user is set with the flow and his lyrics, the application will provide many options for choosing a proper audio and video filter. These filters will help the user enhance their content and make it even more attractive. Auto-Tune, Clean, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio to bring some changes in the voice recorded in the videos are a few of the preloaded tools that are already there.

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Exporting and saving your rap videos on your phone after getting it ready is also possible through the app. It is not necessary to upload it immediately once your content is ready. You can share the video on other social media platforms as well.

DJ Iyer, BARS Community Manager, also a ghostwriter and hip-hop songwriter, has posted a blog, using the name D-Lucks, stating that the Coronavirus pandemic was one of the primary reasons why Facebook came up with this idea and brought it to reality.

He feels that for aspiring rappers, arranging high-priced studios and production houses with equipment is really difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic has also stopped any kind of gathering, so live performances are also out of the scene right now. Hence BARS is a perfect platform for such people to make their content and showcase it to everyone. This is not just for the experienced or pro rappers; it is also for those who want to do it and are totally new to it.

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People using Apple phones in the United States can download this application from the App store. Currently, this application can be accessed by a limited number of iOS users. Others interested in using this application can sign up on the application’s waiting list.

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