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A New Superman Feature Film is in Works by Warner Bros.

One of the biggest news currently is that a new Superman feature film is already in the works. This project will bring Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams together. A few reports state that Coates will pen down the entire film, Abrams will be the producer of the project under Bad Robot Studio. Hannah Minghella will also be one of the producers of this project.

Coates feels very excited about being invited by Warner Bros., DC Films, and Bad Robot to the DC Extended Universe. Coates will do his best to add to the legacy of the story of one of America’s iconic heroes.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams are working on a new Superman film.

The story of Superman can be portrayed more movingly and powerfully. J.J Abrams shares his excitement about being able to work with the amazing Mr. Coates. Both of them will be bringing their version of the story of Superman to the silver screen. They are very thankful to Warner Bros. for giving them this opportunity.

The chairman of Warner Bros., Toby Emmerich, was very impressed with the work that Ta-Nehisi Coates had done in Me and Between the World. Mr. Emmerich wants Coates to use his way of filmmaking and put some new elements to the Superman movie, making the fans look at the Man of Steel more excitingly.

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Details about the storyline are not being disclosed. There are no actors or directors attached to the new concept of making the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill had last played Superman in 2017’s Justice League. He is also supposed to make a short appearance in “Shazam!”. Superman will also be seen on the 18th of March on HBO Max in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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