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The Week 13 Fortnite Challenges are now Live to Level up

The challenges for Week 13 of Fortnite are live. These challenges include one task which is the most difficult of them all-the player has to scan a server at a particular Surface Hub. In this article, we will be helping you out with three server locations that can be used to get the work done quickly and at ease. 

In the Battle Royale map, we can find three server locations. The first Surface Hub server is located over here, in the southwest corner of Hunter’s Haven.  There are three possible server locations on the Battle Royale map.

Surface Hub server location one: The first one is located here, in the southwest corner of Hunter’s Haven. The players will have to scan a server in a Surface Hub for the Week 13 challenges. The place is the southwest corner of Hunter’s Haven.

Once the player reaches there, he will find a small building having a yin-yang-esque symbol once the player goes inside using the stairs and then all the way down to where the stairs will lead. When we finally reach the bottom, we will find a TV monitor right in front. Just towards its left, the player can find the server leaning against the concrete. The server will be noticeable as it is significant in size. 

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Fortnite Week 13
Surface Hub server location one

Surface Hub server location two: The second location is at the center of Stealthy Stronghold.

The player has to look for a building that looks like it is in ruins. Once he enters the building, he will have to take the stairs and keep on going down till he reaches a floor with a big logo. There will be a closed-door to the left. On opening the door, there is a chest that has the server.

Fortnite Week 13
Surface Hub server location two

Surface Hub Server location three: The third location is in the Colossal Coliseum. The player has to enter it through the primary entrance, and immediately there will be a metal piece obstructing the way. The player will have to use his axe through it. As the players move up, there will be another metal block towards the left side. Again they will have to use their axe. On moving further down, there is a vent towards the right side. The server lies over here. 

Fortnite Week 13
Surface Hub server location three

Week 13 Challenges in Fortnite

Once we scan a server at the locations, one of the 8 new Week 13 challenges is getting done. These challenges are now live from today. The challenges range from throwing fruits to taking a bath in a Purple Pool. 

Let us see the full list-

  • First, we have to scan a server at a surface hub.
  • Next is to throw fruits at Hunter’s Haven.
  • We have to do good damage towards enemies in the Orchard, Retail Row, and Hunter’s Haven.
  • There should also be Pistol Damage.
  • The player has to take a bath in the purple pool at the Steamy Stacks.
  • Then they will have to go through the zero points.
  • Damage all the Crystal Trees.
  • Then the last challenge is to build many structures. 

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The player has to go through these quests and get tiered up for the 5th Season Battle Pass. 

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