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HP is planning to buy HyperX for an amount of $425 million.

The company HyperX is into making keyboards, headphones, and other accessories for gaming. HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is a compact keyboard that can be used both in offices and homes. This keyboard saves a lot of space on your study table or your desktop table. On this very Wednesday, HP has agreed to buy HyperX from Kingston Technology for a price of 425 million dollars.

Enrique Lores, the CEO of HP, brought out some right words for HyperX. He said that HyperX has always proved to be one of the best companies for manufacturing gaming accessories. All the users trust their products, and HP is very excited to welcome the company along with its fantastic team. HP is also happy to announce that it sees some better market for HyperX in the upcoming days.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 on sale

The company is into the production of headphones, keyboards, and other gaming accessories. . The latest keyboard that the company has been working on is the Alloy Origins 60. This particular model went on sale this week for a price of 100 dollars. This keyboard resembles a mechanical keyboard by 60%. However, the keyboard does not have the Insert, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down buttons. This allows the keyboard to free up the desk space. The keyboard also comes with RGB lighting for each key.

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According to the research firm IDC, the PC market grew back in 2020. Its growth rate is more than 13% for the entire year, after facing a decline for several years. This growth in demand is due to the reason that people had to shift to working from home. Even schools and classes started happening online. The gaming PCs, monitors, and accessories are also at the peak of their sales.

HP has said that the PC hardware industry will grow to a value of 70 billion dollars by 2023. The market of the accessories and peripherals will also expand to 12.2 billion dollars by 2024. Kingston will hold onto their DRAM, SSD products, and flash, as mentioned by the release. The acquisition will be closing later this year.

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