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Bungie sends Apologies for the Anti-Semitic references in Destiny 2

Bungie is entirely committed to human rights and inclusion. It will always be against anti-Semitism. Bungie Entertainment is sorry and has apologized for a reference, which was anti-Semitic, in one of Destiny 2’s weekly challenges.

Bungie has released an apology statement and has also said that it will no longer keep the reference in the next patch. Destiny 2 does not support any kind of anti-Semitism, and by chance, if anything related to that was portrayed, then it was totally unintentional. Bungie has full support towards human rights and inclusion and will always be against anti-Semitism.

Destiny 2

Bungie has also announced that it is working on making fixes for the next patch. They are apologizing to the players again and again if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt. They are also grateful to the people for bringing out such concerns in front of them.

The reference which is being questioned is a phrase that was actually an objectionable slogan- “Blood And Honour.” This was used by the Hitler Youth organization, as mentioned by Mardin of Chatzuk, a Twitter user. This particular phrase appears in the game in a banner for the War Table bounty challenges held weekly.

To make things even worse, the phrase comes with a new Battleground activity in the Cosmodrome, which has been named Battleground: Cleansing. Mardin of Chatzuk states it is very inappropriate, along with the remaining anti-Semitic terms and tropes.

A particular for the new patch is still left to be announced, but it should come by the time the next set of weekly challenges on the 23rd of February, a Tuesday at 12 PM EST or 6 PM BST.


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