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Google Chrome Beta brings new security updates in Incognito mode for iOS Users

If you want to go and look into sensitive websites, then the Incognito mode offered by Google is the best option to avoid leaving back any trace in the browser history. By chance, you forget to close the Incognito tabs; someone can come and access the opened tabs. To prevent this from happening, the team of Google Chrome is working on a new privacy update for iOS products. In this latest beta update, Chrome will allow the users to lock the Incognito tabs with Touch ID or Face ID of iPhone for authentication.

According to the Google Chrome Beta version’s release notes for iOS 89, we can have added security via Face ID and Touch ID. If we return to the app, then the Incognito tabs will turn blurry until we confirm our identity. After we enable these security measures, then Chrome will prevent anyone from viewing the opened Incognito tabs without verification. If we unlock the Incognito mode, then Touch ID or Face ID will not be required for authentication until and unless we close and reopen the browser again.

How can we enable authentication for Incognito tab privacy?

The latest feature is available only on Chrome’s latest beta version for iOS users. This means that you need to first install the Beta that will replace the existing version of Chrome on your device.

  • To obtain Chrome Beta, we have to install Apple’s TestFlight iOS application on our iOS device.
  • Then we have to visit TestFlight invitation URL for Chrome Beta.
  • We have to agree to the license agreement which appears and install the Beta.
  • If we obtain to get a notification that says that the Beta is full, we have to wait till a new invite comes from the Beta site of Google Chrome.
Google Chrome beta
Google Chrome beta update for iOS users
  • Once we install the Beta for iOS 89 app, we have to go to chrome://flags in the address bar and look out for ‘Device Authentication for Incognito’ and approve the flag.
  • Then we have to close and open the application again.
  • We have to go over to Settings > Privacy and enable ‘Lock Incognito Tabs when we close Chrome.’
  • If we want to turn off the feature, we have to head back into chrome://flags and disable the setting.

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Right now, there is no security feature available for people using Android devices. But as the feature is tested in Beta, it might soon come in Android devices as well. The developers of Chromium are experimenting with different tab widths on Chrome’s desktop model. This happens only when the tab scrolling option is on.

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